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How to create a viral content


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How to craft contagious content. Also, how to make it get viral within your target segment to achieve your marketing goals

Published in: Marketing
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How to create a viral content

  1. 1. How to create a viral content Mahmoud K.Youssef
  2. 2. Creating Shareable Content shareable content Simple Unexpected Concrete Emotional Credible
  3. 3. Simple The message behind any shareable content should be very simple so people can catch and save it fast.This can be done by creating a sentence and push it to all the content in a direct or indirect way.
  4. 4. Unexpected Always try to send your messages through an unpredicted method or unexpected way.This can be done by many methods, the most important one is the unexpected patterns.
  5. 5. Concrete Make the message very concrete.Thus, it can be easily understood and saved. just like the simple rule
  6. 6. Emotional Stories Always play on the emotional strings using the current actions in the society
  7. 7. Credible Credible:The message behind any shareable commercial is credible, a message that everyone can accept and believe simply, so avoid phoney and utopian ideas and messages.
  8. 8. Power of Psychology of social media Psychology is great part of marketing. As it is understanding how the human brain work.Thus you can control it.
  9. 9. CelebrityWorship Syndrome • this is when someone is very obsessed with a public figure.That he or she can start following every step this celebrity takes and start copying his/her style of everything. 1 in 3 people is so obsessed with someone in the public eye. and 1 in 4 people is so taken with their idol that the obsession affects their daily life. • "CWS" is where it all starts with social influence. Because, if you convinced some celebrity to follow you, all his/her followers will be instantaneously your followers. Thus, it is a very strong tool for marketing a product or a service.
  10. 10. The power of Social Influence The power of social influence: have you ever walked up, and you don't know how the weather is. So you just looked from the window to see what are the people wearing? And you just followed them?This is a social influence; this is when you just follow people. "People do what people do" this is exactly what you can do as a marketer to make everyone use your product or service. you can do this by making everyone feel that everyone is using your service or product. so heshe just needs to use it to be able to be one of the people.
  11. 11. Normative influence another way to influence you target market is using their need for belonging to a specific group of people. For example, "AXE" the men deodorant.The brand targeted the Geeky teens and young youth by using their need for dating and feeling loved by girls. and the product went viral because of this campaign. As it told them that you will be super-hot just like the guy you want to look like.
  12. 12. When social influence is anti-social This is when people start creating parties, and every party starts to develop its own behaviour against a product or service. by using the same example, AXE has started losing sales after a while from launching its marketing campaign. Because people started taking impression about any guy who is using AXE. That he is just a geeky guy who is desperate for a girlfriend, so a big deal of the youth started to go away from the product to avoid this judgement. Also, the guys who don't have the need for this doesn't come near to it.Thus, they developed a party against it.
  13. 13. Psychology of social media CWS Power of social Normative influence Anti-social
  14. 14. Promoting Positive Buzz in marketing and advertising " W o r d o f m o u t h " this is the dream of every marketer.The day when everyone will just start giving sump up and talk about the product or service to their peers.To achieve this, you need the following.
  15. 15. Social Currency If you want to make someone talk about you, let them feel special because they are talking about you, give them an advantage because of your product or service existence in their lives.
  16. 16. Triggers you can use triggers to make people use your service or product. For example, no one eats butter. but once you say jam, everybody mentions butter, this is how to link your product or service to specific product.
  17. 17. Emotions you can make certain emotions tailored to the people heads every time they see your product or service. But be aware which emotion you are using.There are two types of emotions.The fire emotions (Inspiration, Anger, Excitement, ...), and the cognitive emotions (Sadness, Happiness, Sorrow, ...). Always try to create a mix of those emotions.Thus, you can create a cognitive impression. Also, you move people to take an action and start talking about your product or service.
  18. 18. Understanding emotions
  19. 19. Public Always be public, people will never talk about you if nobody knows how to reach you.Thus, always use all the possible channels to boost your presence.
  20. 20. Stories you can give depth for your product or service and make people talk much more about it by making a story behind it.
  21. 21. Word of mouth Social Buzz Social Currency Triggers Emotions Public Stories
  22. 22. Leveraging Social Media and Sharing
  23. 23. SprinklesVSWaterfalls Always focus. also, choose the best way to focus.You can act just like the water sprinkles, very focused and to the point, in marketing you can do this by dropping your full load on a very small segment. thus, the full segment goes after you. Or you can act like a waterfall, very wide, in marketing you can do this by choosing a very big segment, so you get public as much as possible.
  24. 24. How networks shape the spread of information Choose the network you are using as a marketer to make you product or service get viral. Because this can make the process be very prospering or kill it from the first second.
  25. 25. Thank you Mahmoud K.Youssef