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STR2 Winners Round 3


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Check out the winners of Spark the Rise Season 2, Round 3!

Published in: Technology
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STR2 Winners Round 3

  1. 1. Avanish Kumar Gourav Jaiswal Divya Jyothi Rushi Trivedi Charitable TrustEmpower Women, Preserve Agrini - Revolutionizing Pick-up and Drop facility for Spreading Smiles Across RuralCrafts, Save Environment Anganwadi Education Severely Disabled India (SSARI)EMPOWER - Enabling Marketing Since last two and half years we Divya Jyothi Charitable Trust Since 6 months, we at “Smileof Products of Women are working to upgrade pre- through this project seeks to fill Merchants” are leading the SSARIEntrepreneurs is an initiative school education level in up the void created by inefficient (Spreading Smiles Across Ruralpromoted by GMR Varalakshmi Anganwadis. Working in tribal transportation systems currently India) project which aims toFoundation to help market areas of south madhya pradesh available by establishing a "Pick- improve the national standardshandicrafts made by women and we have created a complete up and Drop" facility based bus of oral health by targeting ruralartisan groups from various parts transformational program which system specifically created for the India, which accounts for 70% ofof the country. includes innovative techniques disabled people. our population. like multimedia learning, puppetry toy library etc.
  2. 2. Manoj Soni Gitanjali Babbar Prashant Dobriyal Seth PetchersKNOWLEDGE POINT Kat-Katha- Puppet to Human- Science and Technology India Shops for Change Dream for Sex-Worker Workshops for ChildrenThe main idea for starting the Kat-Katha is a group which Over the past year or so, we have India has seen a huge economicknowledge point is to increase would eventually evolve into a been working with schools, both boom. Yet while the urbanthe literacy ratio among the Not for Profit self sustainable urban and rural, to promote middle class has benefitedchildren of poor class living model with primary objective of scientific thinking and practical greatly, the benefits have notbelow the poverty line. This creating alternative earning knowledge of science. We often reached the rural poor. Shop forconcept is mainly designed to abilities for the sex workers and provide guidance to school Change was founded to harnessbenefit the children of class 6th their children. teachers on science projects and the power of Indian markets toto 10th (ST,SC,OBC classes) for conducting experiments improve the livelihoods and beyond the school curriculum. working conditions of poor farmers.
  3. 3. Islam Hussain Ivaturi Abhishek Pandey ROSI FOUNDATION UmamaheswarEco Friendly Shopping Bag Generation of power through EM-POWER INDIA (Empowering Solar Unit for Tribes Lighting andsubstitute of Polythene frictional energy India) DevelopmentEradicate use of polythene by This model for generation of EM is a liquid solution which In this project, Solar Home unit isinvolving and mobilizing the power can transform the face of contains beneficial organism provided to tribe people. It givescommunity. Provide vocational India Socially, Industrially and from three main genera light for house, TV running,training on production of Economically with reasonable phototropic bacteria, lactic acid Radio running and mobileinnovative paper bags, thus installation charges and very less bacteria and yeast. This is not a charging that will protect themcreating employment operational charges( compare to fertilizer, a chemical and a from health and human rightsopportunities and livelihood the value of resultant power synthetic or genetically issues and link with outer production) there by reducing engineered product. It is used consumption of fuels. with the organic materials to enrich the soil.