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WhatsApp architecture


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WhatsApp architecture explained briefly.

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WhatsApp architecture

  1. 1. WhatsApp Architecture -BY MAHESH BITLA
  2. 2. Why WhatsApp is Popular 2 A B C D Can send Multimedia Can send Location Can send Documents Can send Text messages E F G H It is a Ad free application with Optimum performance. Can Receive Multimedia Can Receive Location Can Receive Documents It is a Ad free application with Optimum performance. Can Receive Text messages Optimum performance A
  3. 3. WhatsApp Server Platforms Backend  Erlang- programming language  Jabber Open Source  FreeBSD- Operating System  Yaws – Web Server  PHP  BEAM - VM to run ErLang  Custom XMPP Frontend  Seven client platforms: iPhone, Android, Blackberry, Nokia Symbian S60, Nokia S40, Windows Phone,  SQLite
  4. 4. How it actually works- Briefly In whatsApp every user or contact is treated as ACTOR. User the actor Aardvark The actor Aarivinci The actor Aaronitch The actor
  5. 5. Hi Hi Tom’s mobile Brad’s mobile Brad Tom Tom The Actor Brad The Actor If offline- Stores the message in Server If online – Sends to Brad
  6. 6. The actor principle in WhatsApp • User tom wants to send a message to User Brad in through Whatsapp • First user tom sends a message to tom The Actor and saves the message In user Tom’s Inbox naming Brad. • tom The Actor tries to send the message to Brad The Actor and saves the message in server. • Brad the Actor tries to send the message to user Brad, Until the user Brad receives the message ,Brad the actor frequently send the message. • As soon User Brad comes online, message will Deliver to Brad’s Inbox named Tom.
  7. 7. SqLite SqLite Mnesia Backend DB if online offline Stores the message in the database until he comes online Creates the actor object here for user1 Creates the actor object here for user2
  8. 8. WhatsApp New feature- Encryption Message Encryption with a key as tag Message Decryption By matching with sender key Sending through server Key is the Message Authentication code for that user
  9. 9. What things made Fb to buy WhatsApp  Up to 2009 Facebook chat was written in ErLang, then moved to another programming language. WhatsApp written in ErLang with optimum performance that FB.  Out of 100 users of FB and whatsapp, 75% are daily active on whatsapp but only 52% are active on FB.  It can be useful for Facebook INTERNET.ORG initiative.  Whatsapp framework can be used to increase the Facebook efficiency.
  10. 10. Any Questions??????