Evaluation of promotional activities of sumitomo in uttar pradesh


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Evaluation of promotional activities of sumitomo in uttar pradesh

  1. 1. Summer Training Project Report “ Evaluation of promotional activities of SUMITOMO in uttar pradesh”
  2. 2. Content Introduction Objectives  Promotional strategy  Suggestion Conclusion
  3. 3. Introduction  Pesticides are broadly classified into four major groups: insecticides, fungicides, herbicides and rodenticides.  In India, crops are affected by over 200 major pests, 100 plant diseases, hundreds of weeds and other pests like nematodes, harmful Insects and rodents.  These days pesticide is the most important input sustainable development of agriculture.
  4. 4. Sumitomo chemical established in September 22, 1913 to manufacture fertilizer from sulfur di oxide emitted from smelting operation at the Besshi copper mine in Nihama, with the aim of solving Environment problem caused by the emission.
  5. 5. Continue… Inorganic and organic industrial chemicals Alumina products Organic chemicals Optical materials Agricultural insecticides Organic rubber chemicals pharmaceuticals.
  6. 6. Where we are 1.Bayer (Germany) - $7,458 m 2.Syngenta (Switzerland) - $7,285 m 3.BASF (Germany) - $4,297 m 4.Dow Agro Sciences (USA) - $3,779 m 5.Monsanto (USA) - $3,599 m 6.DuPont (USA) - $2,369 m
  7. 7. Objectives 1  To study the promotional strategy of Sumitomo limited in U.P.  To study of farmers and dealers expectations from company.  To Know the perception of sumitomo company in farmers minds.  To find out the market potential of sumitomo’s products in the market.
  8. 8. Promotional Activities of SUMITOMO INDIA LTD in (UP)
  9. 9. Promotional activities Sumitomo chemical is working at the root level and achieving the desire goal in insecticides sector. Organization is working on both ways (1)PULL PROCESS (2) PUSH PROCESS
  10. 10. (A) Farmer meetings (1)Individual farmer meeting (2) Group farmers meeting
  11. 11. Villages visited in MEERUT & HAAPUD Districts. Meerut Haapud Ramraj Sadarpur Babugarh Behsuma Kakori Upeda Hashampur Mod kalaan Chaupla Saifpur Khilvaai Rasoolpur Firozpur Kakori Shimbhaoli Roshan nagar Himmatpur Sambleda Jannupura
  12. 12. (B) Poster/calender
  13. 13. Postering Villages during Internship Lakhimpur Gola Goomchini Rampur Banvaripur Amritaganj Ramnagar Gyanpur Mahola Pipraavan Buddhapur Fardhaan Nakha Sainpur Naardolpur Pepari Pahaarpur Berihaataranpur Vishnupur Mohammadpur Village maheva Usiapurva Gram nagra
  14. 14. (C) Demonstration-
  15. 15. Demonstrated products
  16. 16. Demo products for ladyfinger
  17. 17. Demonstrations Names of farmer Crop Product/S Insect/ Pest/ Growth Result Village Contacts No. Tejram Ladyfinger Dantotsu Aphid Excellent Gram nagra (Gola) 9918757572 Pankaj kumar Ladyfinger Dantotsu+ progibb Aphid Excellent Vishnupur (Lakhimpur) 980779018 9 Mayaram sugercane Progibb Tillring Excellent Sherpur (lakhimpur) 988915279 9 Mohd .Gaffar Bringel Dantotsu Shoot borer No result Kheeri (Lakhimpur) 8737844737
  18. 18. (D) Leaflet- .
  19. 19. (E) Dealership- Sumichem india creating a mass group of dealership in whole U.P. for its product expention.
  20. 20. Dealers list in Lakhimpur Name Firm’s name Village Contact no. Rupendr singh Dashmesh fertilizer Maheva ganj 9838588565 Shambhu dayaal verma Om beej bhandaar Maheva ganj 9918525499 Susheel verma Krishi seva kendra Rangeela nagar 9936164101 Sateesh kumar Kumar khad bhandaar Behjam 9616525711 Rajesh giri Giri fertilizer Kaasta 9838155140 Ram verma Shivram fertilizer Lagucha 9451237308 Vijay singh Patel fertilizer Amritaganj 9838002520 Kriishna pal siingh Balaji pesticide Bhoolanpur 9554355135 Ashok verma New verma fertilizer Phattepur 94522520973
  21. 21. Dealers list in GOLA Name firm’s name village Contact no. Ajay gupta Gupta beej ghar Gola 9984479805 Baldev singh Gurunanak khad bhandar Peparia dhani 9453938499 Gurbaaj singh Dashmesh fertilizer Peparia dhani _ Balraj singh Singh krishi kendra Pahaarpur 9889048084 Bablu gupta Gupta fertilizer Mohammadi 9453897645 Shyam kumar Shyam pesticides Mohammadi 9559933512 Rupram Kisan fertilizer Ganeshpur 8756587050
  22. 22. Dealers Expectation from company  Improve promotional activities  Improve credit policy  Improve field staff  Keep limited dealers  Regular contact
  23. 23. (F) Advertisement van These vans are working in All India as well as in U.P. meet the farmers and aware them for the products. These vans carry also Demonstration matter
  24. 24. Farmers Details formate Farmers name/villag e Area /acre Main Crops Insect /pest Desea se Weeds Manag ement Conta ct no. Percep tion Tej ram Gram nagra 30 S.P.W. vegeta bls ESB, BPH APHID Red rot, rust all Accord ing by retailer 991875 7572 Yes Mohd Gaffar vill,. kheeri 50 vegeta bles Fruit borrre, Leaf roller Leaf all By referen ce, self 873784 4737 No
  25. 25. Farmers Expectation from company  Reasonable price  Good quality  Demonstration  Easily availability  Expert visit
  26. 26. SWOT Analysis
  27. 27. Strength- Due to the good response sumitomo is making a possitive value in the minds of farmers. Sumitomo’s product LEADER made a high recognition in consumers minds. Quick response of company provide a great energy to field level workers. SUMITAZ 4% G.R. Is now a reliable product for consumer.
  28. 28. Weakness- Sumitomo chemical is working specially on pesticides not for weedcides and Farmers are also interested in weedicides too. Being the top 10 Insecticide company in the world it takes long procedure for make a demonstration Lack of staff members.
  29. 29. Opportunities- Sumitomo is working in selected area in U.p. and can increase in working Area.  Organization should try to contact with Sugar mill for Increasing the sells. Organization can held farmers fairs in District to district. Sumitomo can work on remaining area in fertilizer and bio-fertilizer besides isecticides/pesticides
  30. 30. Threat – Organization has a Chain of rival like, Bayer, Dupont, Syngenta, UPL(Unoted Phosphorus limited), Makhtesim agan and so on. These all Insecticides have the alternative products of sumitomo like Dantotsu v/s Coragen.
  31. 31. Suggestions  Sumitomo should use the rhythm words like Bayer crop science, UPL and so on i.e. Topstar ki fuhaar , Faslon me Chamatkaar. UPL ka jhatka, Gulli danda latka.  Sumitomo also should use the printed Polly bag as a promotion strategies.  Use of audio cliping before local song.  U.P. has a lots of potential so company should work in all over U.P.
  32. 32. Conclusion Sumitomo chemical has introduced a new technique in insecticide sector and using a very latest technique in the world. Sumitomo developed a technique which is dangerous only for Hemoglobin free insects, which is definitely appriciateable and Pheretima posthuma is sure safe by these products. Company should improve farmers meeting and free sampling to promotes it’s products.
  33. 33. `