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International marketing


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presentation for mba

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International marketing

  1. 1. Sinhagad Institute Of Business Management,MumbaiPresentation on Indias Trade Relations with USA & Canada Presented By Mahesh R Dongaonkar MMM- V Sem.2011-12 Roll No 02
  2. 2. Contents• Geographical Location Of Subject Countries On World Map• PEST Analysis For India, USA & Canada• Trade Relations :• India With USA• India With Canada
  3. 3. Business Envionment Scanning Country
  4. 4. Business Envionment ScanningPEST ANALYSIS FOR INDIA
  5. 5. India: Political Enviornment Scanning• Indias Strengh – Democracy,Diversity & Dynamic Growth• Political trends -Single Party To Coalition Govt.• Government Stability -Stable from last 10 Years• Internal Political issues- Difference In Party Policies
  6. 6. Cont...• Government Policies- Influnce By Vote Bank• Strong Lobbying & Pressure Groups Influence Trade & Related Policies• Wars and conflict -Terrorisam & Conflict issueswith Neighbouring Countries
  7. 7. India :Economical Enviornment Scanning• Introduction Of LPG Model -1991 Onwards• Liberlisation►Privatisation►Globalisation• GDP by sector 16% Services Industry A ggriculture 55% 29%• Inflation (CPI) 8.66% (April 2011)• Populationbelow poverty line 37% (2010)
  8. 8. Cont......• Economical Growth is Broad Based• Pickup In Private Consumption & Investment• Agriculture is Critical For Macro Economic Stability & Sustained Growth• Inflation is Cause Of Concern• Infrastructure a Mix Bag Of Performance• Service Sector The Potential Growth Engine
  9. 9. Cont...• Imports Slowing,Exports Gathering Pace• Trade Deficit Set To Narrow• Monetary Policy in Tightening Mode & Supportive Of growth• Social Sector development with Higher Funds On Flagship Programmes Aam Aadmi• Developing Market Economy :BRIC Group• Political Influence On FDI Policies• Effect Of Global Economy
  10. 10. Key Indicators Of Indian Economy
  11. 11. India :Social Enviornment Scanning• Social Structre- Family Culture• Different Culture & Religions• High Percentage Of Educated Work Force• Emerging Segments -India & Bharat In Society• Depression In People Concern Raised By WHO
  12. 12. India:Technological Enviornment Scanning• Shift In Mindset Of C&D To R&D• Research funding• Associated/dependent technologies• Replacement technology/solutions• Maturity of technology
  13. 13. Cont...Manufacturing maturity and capacityInformation and communicationsConsumer buying mechanisms/technologyTechnology legislationTechnology access, licensing, patentsIntellectual property issues
  14. 14. India-Environmental Scanning Environmental issues International National Local Environmental regulations
  15. 15. Business Envionment ScanningPEST ANALYSIS FOR USA
  16. 16. USA:PoliticalEnviornment ScanningPolitical trendsGovernment structuresActing As World Political LeaderInter-country relationships/attitudesWars With CountriesTerrorist Activities- Cause & ConcernsStrong Market lobbying & Pressure groups
  17. 17. USA– Economical Enviornment ScanningHome economy situation In Debt CrisesEpicentre Of World Economic CrisesStrong Influence On World Economies & TradesLow Saving & High Expenditure AttitudeStrong Currency Value- US $Strong Hold On International FinancialInstitutions
  18. 18. Contd....Disposable income - HighJob Growth/unemployment-HighSubsidies & TariffsInflation
  19. 19. USA-Social Enviornment ScanningMixed CultureSensitive On Human RightsStrong Social Security SystemLess Focus & Expensive Education SystemLess Saving & High Expenditure Habits
  20. 20. USA Economy Key Indicators
  21. 21. USA:Technological Enviornment Scanning• Advanced Technological Environment• Innovation & Implementation Attitude• Availability Of Good Infrastructure• High Expenditure On Research• Attracting Best Talent Pool From World• High Rate of obsolescence
  22. 22. USA : Enviornment ScanningStrong Regulators on Environmental regulationsSensitive On Ecological Environment IssuesLeader In Creating Hazardous Wastes
  23. 23. Business Envionment ScanningPEST ANALYSIS FOR CANADA
  24. 24. Canada:PoliticalEnviornmentScanningGovernment Struture : Constitutional MonarchyMultiparty System But Stable GovenmentDual Political Culture
  25. 25. Canada:Economical Enviornment ScanningOne Of The Wealthiest Nation in WorldGDP SegmentationService Setor 70 %Industry 28 %Agriculture 2%
  26. 26. Cont...Strong Influnce Of USA EconomyAprox 15 % Population Below Poverty LineAttractive Destination For IndustriesConservative Banking System
  27. 27. Canada:SocialEnviornmentScanningMale Dominated Social SystemAprox. 50 % is Middle ClassLiteracy Rate is 99 %Education Plays Vital RoleLow Crime RateAging population
  28. 28. Canada:Enviornment ScanningClimate Change In Some RegionsVulnerable to environmental degradation and Pollution spilloverStrong in Natural Resources.
  29. 29. Canada:Technolical Enviornment ScanningRobust communication infrastructureModernization Program In Process
  31. 31. Trdae Relation With USAIn 1991,U.S identified India as one of the 10 major emerging markets.India-US Bilateral Trade Is Increasing .US is the destination of one-fifth of India’s exports.Indias percentage share in US imports has remained more or less stable over the last few years.
  32. 32. Bilateral RelationshipsCivil Nuclear Cooperation U.S. Generalized System of Preferences U.S.-India Economic Dialogue Verified & Trusted End User ProgramU.S.-India Trade Policy Forum To Promote Trade
  33. 33. Multilateral Relationships:WTO,IMF,Asian Development BankU S and India also oppose each other in Regional Free Trade Agreements
  34. 34. Major Items Export from India to USA Diamonds & precious stones 29% Textiles-25% Iron & Steel-5.73% Organic Chemicals-3.46% Electrical Machinery-3.24%
  35. 35. Major Items Exports from USA to India
  36. 36. India -USA Trade At A Glance
  37. 37. India – USA Trade BarriersUS Department of Commerce Imposed Restrictions On Exports to Indian Organizations Like BHEL,BARC etc.Strict Export Licensing With USA Imposition Of Sanctions After Indias Nuclear Tests.US Removed GSP Benefits To Large Number Of Indian ProductsIntellectual Property Rights Issue
  38. 38. OpportinitiesCommunication infrastructure, IT, IT-enabled services Pharmaceuticals and Biotechnology.Energy & Retail SectorsAggriculureService Industries
  39. 39. RecommendationsReview Of US Govt. Clause Of “Buy American”Relooking Of Tax Breaks To US Companies Outsorcing Activities Imposed By US Govt.Indias FDI Policies Needs To ReviewIndia Adhering US Norms On Agriculttre & Pharma ProdutsReview Of Subsidy & Tarrif Norms Of Both Countries
  40. 40. Trdae Relation With CanadaIndias Trading With Canda is very LowIndia Imports 0.53 % of Total Candas ExportIndia Exports 0.54 % Of Total Candas Import
  41. 41. Bilateral Trade ClassificationsCanadian Imports Canadian Exports tofrom India IndiaMerchandise MerchandiseClassification % Classification % Edible vegetables,Organic chemicals 13.24 roots and tubers 20.61Pearls, precious stonesor metals 9.5 Fertilizers 16.3Knitted or crocheted Paper andapparel 6.74 paperboard 14.72Woven clothing and Boilers, mechanicalapparel articles 6.57 appliances, etc. 8.22Boilers, mechanical Woodpulp; paper orappliances, etc. 5.5 paperboard scraps 7.38 Pearls, preciousIron or steel articles 5.4 stones or metals 5.66Electrical machineryand equipment 4.82 Iron and steel 4.46Other textile articles, Electrical machineryetc. 3.8 and equipment 2.89Pharmaceuticalproducts 3.7 Ores, slag and ash 2.59 Aircraft andMineral fuels, oils 2.4 spacecraft 2.29
  42. 42. OpportunitiesOpporunity For Canda In IndiaWith its advanced technological base can become India’s natural partner in agriculture, food processing, education, science and technology, innovation, environment, cleaner technologies, etc.Investment in sectors such as infrastructure,
  43. 43. RecomendationsIndia & Canda Both Decided To Increase Trade Upto 15 Billion US $ Till 2015, To Acheive This There Should Be Efforts From Govt To Increase & Encorage TradeReview Of Foreign Investment & Promotion Agreement Act By Both CountriesCanda Should Relook Immigration Norms &
  44. 44. Thank You