Has feminist movement gone haywire


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Has feminist movement gone haywire

  1. 1. Has Feminist Movement Gone Haywire?Summary: Feminist movement in its inception sought balanced genderrelationship and justice to women. However today it has emerged as a selfish self-seeking movement and has in turn exaggerated gender conflict. Hence feministmovement has betrayed itself from its path.Feminism initially started as a movement to secure social justice for women. Itspurpose was to secure political, economic and social rights for women; besidesbetter opportunities for women in education and employment. It aimed atcorrecting cultural wrongs done to women due to spontaneously acquired falsecultural notions about women and unjustifiably committing women to variouscultural traditions. It also aimed to correct women’s drift to weaker position in thesurvival struggle, caused by biological and behavioral differences between thetwo genders. Feminist movement fought for special rights for women under thepretext of gender equality. Feminists vehemently tried to secure their ends, outrightly ignoring finer aspects of spontaneous male female relationship and itsfamilial and social aspects.Margret Cavendish, Duchess of Newcastle-upon-Tyne of 17th century was amongthe earliest feminist writers. In 18th century Jeremy Bentham – a male, said that itwas the placing of women in a legally inferior position that made him choose thecareer of a reformist at the age of 11. Bentham spoke of complete equalitybetween sexes. He advocated women’s right to vote and participate ingovernment. He opposed different sexual moral standards to women and men.Marquis de Condorcet, another 18th century philosopher was a fierce defender ofequal rights for women.A Vindication of the Rights of Women (1792) by Mary Wollstonecraft is one of thefirst works that can unambiguously be called feminist. For many Commentators,Wollstonecraft represents the first codification of “equality” feminism, a refusalof the feminine. But a refusal of the feminine impliedly meant, refusal of natural,healthy male female relationship. This amounted to advocating over correction ofthe cultural wrong done to women. This eventually inspired gender clash insteadof gender harmony.
  2. 2. But what may be appreciated here is that even in the so-called male dominatedsociety, it is the men who championed women’s cause seeking balanced and justmale female relationship based on mutual respect, equality but at the same timetaking care of natural differences between men and women. All over the world, itis the male dominated legislatures that have granted special rights or legalprivileges to women in order to support them in the event of survival struggle orgender clash.Once, I searched the net for men’s rights and I found that none of the countries inthe world have granted any special privileges or legal rights to men in order toprotect their interest or to support them in the event of gender clash. Only in thematter of sexuality and reproductive function, consent of the spouse needs to betaken before a woman undertakes any therapeutic procedure affecting mutualinterest. On the contrary women have been conferred a large number of legallyprotected interests or rights.Therefore, women blaming male dominated society for all their ills are totallyunfounded in their allegations. Whatever grudges they have against men springfrom their natural dependence on men. All that they now want to have throughfeminist movement is to have dominant relationship, autonomy without beingresponsible, unlimited freedom, reckless individualism and even freedom fromtheir biological role. Slut walks all over the world demonstrate women’s cravingfor reducing their sexuality to mere entertainment. Pro- abortion movementsdemonstrate the same. They want total control of their body oblivious of theirrole, responsibilities and interests of all those who matter.Majority among men have always tended to respect, protect and provide forwomen. As exception, minority of men have deplorable tendency to indulge insexual violence against women, quite often on provocation of some kind. Nosociety has ever defended such acts against women.Males normally seek companionship as opposed to domination in male femalerelationship. Males normally assign the toughest of responsibilities to themselvesand discharge the same to the best satisfaction of various interests. Society hasnever appreciated men who have betrayed themselves from this path. This hasbeen essential to keep familial and social integrity. So, all the men can’t beblamed, for acts of minority.
  3. 3. Throughout its history, except in inception, feminism has never sought balancedand just relationship with men. It is the will to dominate, individualism, unlimitedpersonal freedom, feminine whims, fancies and fantasies and the desire to live upto them that has been deriving the feminist movement.The whole notion of gender equality is incorrect because nature has not onlymade both genders unequal but has also granted them different roles andresponsibilities. Men are naturally more comfortable doing certain things and thesame is true for women. This has led to physical and mental inequities.Accordingly notion of role and responsibilities or division of labor has evolved inhuman society accounting for evolution of family culture and social culture as it isseen today. This also led to unfair cultural fixations contrary to feminine interestswhich need to be corrected and hence the feminist movement. But today feministmovement has turned into a class war between men and women. Home makersare fast emerging as home breakers leading to social disintegration. Nuclearfamilies have become order of the day and old age homes have sprouted innumbers.Women intoxicated by wave of feminism want to enjoy all the individual freedombut want to neither share nor discharge their social responsibilities. They wantunconstrained freedom that allows them to live according to their fantasiesoblivious of rights of others. They want autonomy literally amounting tomonstrosity. I have come across a woman author who advocates women’s rightsto wear short clothes in public even if it is provocative for young boys but at thesame time demands boys to behave responsibly. They do not even want to takeconsent of their partner in matters affecting both. They argue for total control oftheir physical body as if they exist in vacuum totally unconnected to any othersoul on planet Earth. Instead of feeling guilty about their unjustifiable, illegitimatedemands; they doggedly pursue their agenda to their selfish ends.Therefore, over a period of time women who were once depraved and oppressedhave now turned into oppressor. So the time has come to talk about men’s rightsor male legal privileges.Author: Dr Mahesh C. Jain is a practicing medical doctor and has written thebook “Encounter of Science with Philosophy – A synthetic view”. The book beginswith first chapter devoted to scientifically valid concept of God and then explainscosmic phenomena right from origin of nature and universe up to origin of life
  4. 4. and evolution of man. The book includes several chapters devoted to auxiliaryconcepts and social sciences as corollaries to the concept of God. This is the onlybook which deals with origin of nature and universe from null. Several chaptersof the book are devoted to social sciences. http://www.sciencengod.com http://www.sciencengod.com/buynow.php