Five grades of sexual interaction


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Describes various grades of sexual encounter among humans without passing any value judgement.

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Five grades of sexual interaction

  1. 1. Five Grades of Sexual Interaction Summary: With the evolutionof self awarenessinhumanbeings, we have been conferred with the ability to voluntarily regulate our sexual activities. We are expected to act prudently and pragmatically but we oftenchoose to act sentimentally and thushave a propensity towardsindiscriminate sex. Human beingsindulge in sexual activitiesto a varying extent. Depending uponnature and extent of sexual activities,sexual interactionare classified into five grades namely, sex for money, sex for sex, impulsive sex, compulsive sex and post marital sex. Sexual reproduction evolved early in evolutionary history as a means to perpetuate races and species. Itis a means of exchange of genetic material between members of the same species. This exchange of genetic material in one or the other way has been seen in all types of organisms ranging fromviruses and bacteria to human beings. Biologists interpret sexual reproduction as essential to maintain vigor and vitality of races and species. Thereforesexual reproduction may be seen as survivalmechanismfor perpetuation of races and species. In all species except human beings, sexual activities are self regulating. But in humans instead of involuntary regulation of sexual activities, with evolution of self awareness humans havebeen conferred the ability to voluntarily regulate their sexual activities. Sexual pleasureis the coresentiment or the incentive or motive to indulge in acts of procreation but the primary purposeof sexual interaction remains perpetuation of races and species. In humans, sexual activities have wide ranging repercussions on various aspects of human life. With acquisition of self awareness or voluntary intelligence, humans are expected to act prudently and pragmatically and thereforehuman society has felt the need to regulate this pleasure seeking sex drive. This need is partly becauseof the fidelity sentiment and partly becauseof the need to preserveintegrity of the lowestlevel of human organization i.e. family and severalother reasons. However humans endowed with propensity towards reckless sexualactivities, often chooseto act sentimentally and not pragmatically and prudently. Some of the authorities in the field of Psychology even identify sexual deprivation as the
  2. 2. reason behind all psychiatric ailments. Depending upon attendant circumstances, human sexualinteraction can be classified in to five grades which are as under:- 1. Grade1 - Sex for money Sexual interaction takes place only because of some reward in the formof cash or kind. Numerous examples are commonly seen for example Prostitution, screen sex indulged in by actors and models, sex to secure business contracts, sexto obtain other material favors. 2. Grade2 – Sex for the sake of sex Both the partners have a biological urge and no other emotional or material relationship. They engage each other sexually only to satisfy the physicalneed. Both the partners do not suffer fromany inhibition to preventthem fromhaving sex. For them it is just for the sakeof fun and no other reason. None of the partners carries any historical baggageafter the encounter. Examples are: one night stand, sex buddies etc. Sex buddies are basically engaged in somepursuit because of which they are avoiding any committed relationship but still have a sexual urgewhich they need to satisfy. So they explicitly agree to mutually satisfy this need without entering into any sentimental or material or otherwisebinding relationship. 3. Grade3 – ImpulsiveSex Both partners are sentimentally hooked by each other and at the spur of the moment that they havea strong sexual desire which must be met there and then. All inhibitions go hay wire. So two individuals indulge in transientsexual relationship. Mostof the persons indulging in this kind of activity havea liberal attitude towards sex and look upon it as a pleasure seeking activity. 4. Grade4 – Compulsive sex Partners are locked under such circumstances that sex is inevitable such as live in relationship, keeps, between lovers etc. This is generally a prolonged relationship but without any matrimonial relationship. 5. Grade5 – Post marital sex This is sexual relationship between husband and wife. This sexual activity meets social approval. Herethe element of mutual commitment is the factor driving sexual interaction. This grade of sexual interaction is socially recognized, confers legal rights and severalsocioeconomic privileges. Ittakes care of severalshortterm and long
  3. 3. term human needs and interests. Postmarital sex also satisfies the human sentiment of fidelity or exclusivity in sexual relationship. Itmakes the relationship intimate and is often the glue that helps sustain matrimonial relationship. Survivalof family is crucial to parental careand care of the elderly. Finally it is for you to select among various options and to pass value judgments if any. Author: Dr Mahesh C. Jain is a practicing medical doctor has written the book “Encounter of Science with Philosophy – A synthetic view”. The book begins with firstchapter devoted to scientifically valid concept of God and then explains cosmic phenomena right fromorigin of nature and universeup to origin of life and evolution of man. The book includes severalchapters devoted to auxiliary concepts and social sciences as corollaries to the concept of God. This article is inspired by author’s understanding of nature. Visit:http://