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Carrier Bidding System


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Carrier Bidding System provides tools to manage the product transportation process and optimize carrier procurement for any company shipping products or acquiring raw materials in bulk. The software features a powerful real-time online bidding engine. The overall result is that you save administrative time and create logistical efficiencies that translate into significant transportation cost savings.

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Carrier Bidding System

  1. 1. Reduce Your Shipping Costs Your plants are running at peak performance. Your distribution center is at the top of its game. But no order is complete until it reaches your customer's facility; that means on time delivery at the lowest possible cost while meeting your customer's service requirements. If you're looking to systematically manage your transportation procurement process and simultaneously reduce costs, the Carrier Bidding System (CBS) provides the tools. The CBS has a unique blend of functionality specifically designed for your industry and is benefiting companies similar to yours. Avoid Administrative Hassle of Covering Loads Leverage Online Dynamic Reverse Bidding Publicize Loads to More Qualified Carriers $247,000 Saved over 1300 Loads CBS Carrier Bidding System Frontline Data Solutions, Inc. 101 Parklane Blvd Ste 204 Sugar Land TX 77478 Phone: 281.313.8200 Email:
  2. 2. Leverage Logistics and Create Savings Currently, most companies lack the ability to leverage real time logistics to create savings. Industry statistics show that over 80% of transportation costs are incurred via long-term contracts. Companies manually schedule the logistics for each load or group of loads via telephone, email, and fax. This process is labor intensive, administratively cumbersome and does not provide the best available value. It lacks the value derived from dynamic bidding, efficiencies created by the automation of administrative tasks and the ability to provide pre-qualified Carriers with the opportunity to leverage real time logistics. Partial statistics from 6 Customer sites that have been using CBS for over a year: • 2100 loads successfully managed, over 95% found bidders • $247,000 saved over contract rates (1300 loads) • All loads are now publicized to 12 – 16 Carriers at 26 locations (vs. single preferred Carrier previously) • Former preferred Carrier has won only 14 loads; the rest have been won by other lower cost pre-qualified Carriers • All Site Administrators cite time saving from not having to schedule Carriers manually • Project specifically quoted by company CEO as Six Sigma success story Key Features of Carrier Bidding System • Web-based system designed to optimize Carrier procurement for bulk transportation (inbound and outbound) • Can be used enterprise-wide with each site managing its own procurement of Carriers qualified for its products (raw materials) and its customers (suppliers) • Leverages dynamic reverse bidding that Carriers participate in for one or more of its locations • Extensive use of automatic E-mails between sites and Carriers save administration time and costs • Allows you to clearly define your customer’s delivery requirements and your special equipment, safety or pick-up requirements • Features allow you to spread-out winning Carriers or restrict Carrier participation from those that fail to meet agreed-to requirements • Allows more pre-qualified carriers to see the loads available and plan more optimum use of drivers and equipment • Allows central Carrier office for a multi-sited Carrier to see all loads from all sites, allowing for optimized use of Carrier equipment and resources • Transparency offered enables more competitive bidding that ultimately results in best possible market price • Can integrate with your current logistics module through web services Frontline Data Solutions, Inc. · 101 Parklane Blvd Ste 204 · Sugar Land TX 77478 · Phone: (281) 313-8200 · Email: CBS Carrier Bidding System