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Cloud testing v1


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Cloud testing v1

  2. 2. Testing in Cloud 11/10/2012PRESENTED BY Md. Shahariar Shaon BIT-0219 2
  3. 3. Testing in Cloud 11/10/2012REVIEWED PAPERS……. Paper 1:Software Testing Based on Cloud Computing. Paper 2:Research Issues for Software Testing in the Cloud. 3
  4. 4. Testing in Cloud 11/10/2012 PAPER 1:SOFTWARE TESTING BASED ONCLOUD COMPUTING 4
  5. 5. Testing in Cloud 11/10/2012 Wang Jun Network Information Center Department of Computer Science and TechnologyNanjing University of Information Science & Technology Nanjing, JiangSu Province, China Fanpeng Meng Department of Computer Science and TechnologyNanjing University of Information Science & Technology Nanjing, JiangSu Province, China 2011 INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON INTERNET COMPUTING AND INFORMATION SERVICES 5
  6. 6. Testing in Cloud 11/10/2012 OVERVIEW Prosand Cons of Cloud testing Generalize way of cloud testing procedure 6
  7. 7. Testing in Cloud 11/10/2012GENERALIZED PROCEDURE  User login  Asks for platform, resources  Application review and platform configuration  Payment procedure 7
  8. 8. Testing in Cloud 11/10/2012CLOUD TESTING: PROS• Cost Savings• Improve the Testing Efficiency• Performance Testing is more realistic• Changes in the external environment 8
  9. 9. Testing in Cloud 11/10/2012 CLOUD TESTING : CONS• Security• Restrictions of the Suitable Range for Cloud Testing 9
  10. 10. Testing in Cloud 11/10/2012DRAWBACKS• Detailed description of generalized procedure is missing• Implementation issue has not been covered 10
  11. 11. Testing in Cloud 11/10/2012IMPLEMENTATION Functional automation testing Performance testing Load testing Stress testing 11
  12. 12. Testing in Cloud 11/10/2012 PAPER 2: RESEARCH ISSUES FORSOFTWARE TESTING IN THE CLOUD 12
  13. 13. Testing in Cloud 11/10/2012 Leah Muthoni Riungu, Ossi Taipale, Kari Smolander Software Engineering LaboratoryLappeenranta University of Technology Lappeenranta, Finland 2nd IEEE International Conference on Cloud Computing Technology and Science 13
  14. 14. Testing in Cloud 11/10/2012OVERVIEW Two key concepts: Grounded TheorySnowball Sampling 14
  15. 15. Testing in Cloud 11/10/2012FINDINGS 15
  16. 16. Testing in Cloud 11/10/2012 APPLICATION ISSUES• Application suitable for online software testing• Readymade online performance testing package for any customer• Quality checks for applications that have been tested in the cloud• Harmonization of the test processes across multiple players• Online testing solutions for E-business systems 16
  17. 17. Testing in Cloud 11/10/2012MANAGEMENT ISSUES• Pool of testers• Effects on the customers business 17
  18. 18. Testing in Cloud 11/10/2012LEGAL & FINANCIAL ISSUES• Test Data• Pricing models and service descriptions for testing services 18
  19. 19. Testing in Cloud 11/10/2012 DRAWBACKS• The cloud testing issues are not clearly described.• Challenges in implementing a STaaS is not covered in this paper .• Pros and Cons are not discussed.• Topics are not properly ordered. 19
  20. 20. Testing in Cloud 11/10/2012 IMPLEMENTATION As human interactive, so highly implementable. Generate basic ideas and implementation issues. Can be used for further researches. 20
  21. 21. Testing in Cloud 11/10/2012 ANYQUESTION 21
  22. 22. Testing in Cloud 11/10/2012THANK YOU 22