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Eclipse OM2M: Standardized M2M service platform

ETSI-compliant, RESTful, and OSGi-based service platform for M2M interoperability.

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Eclipse OM2M: Standardized M2M service platform

  1. 1. Standardized M2M service platform Mahdi Ben Alaya Thierry Monteil Khalil Drira contact: website:
  2. 2. Source: ETSI M2M M2M global standardization effort Inverting the pipe IOT / M2M domains • M2M promotes to connect billions of machines in near future covering multiple domains. • The M2M market is highly fragmented with many players across numerous vertical domains. • ETSI M2M and OneM2M are working on a standardized horizontal service platform for M2M interoperability.
  3. 3. m Id Device and Gateway domain Network domain OM2M functional architecture Service capability layer (SCL) • OM2M provides a Service Capability Layer (SCL) including a set of common services for M2M interoperability. • An SCL can be deployed on the Network domain, or on the Device and Gateway domain.
  4. 4. OM2M primitive procedures and resources Service capability layer resource tree • OM2M implements a RESTful API. • All M2M communications are performed based on simple primitive procedures. • Each SCL data model is structured using a standardized resource tree. • The resource can be easly triggered using simple CRUD requests. OM2M Primitive procedures
  5. 5. Device Management LightWeigt hM2M OMA-DM Interworking Proxy ZIGBEE PHIDGETS Communication Binding COAP HTTP Additional Services DataCentric Routing Autonomic Computing Security TLS-PSK Java Runtime Environment OSGi EQUINOX framework Operating System Generic Processing CORE Hardware Your plugin! OM2M main components diagram OM2M building blocks • OM2M runs on top of an OSGi Equinox runtime. • Each SCL includes required plugins and is build as an Eclipse product using Tycho. • The CORE plugin routes received request to the correct controller. • It checks access rights, persist data, notifies interested subscribers, do request redirect or resource announcement if needed. • It discovers and interfaces with other plugins.
  6. 6. OM2M communications bindings OM2M main components diagram OM2M building blocks
  7. 7. LAN (Toulous e) Fan Relay Lamp Relay Luminosity Sensor Temperature Sensor Weight SensorWAN Luminosity Sensor Temperature Sensor OM2M experimentation M2M Server (NSCL) Phidgets Gateway (GSCL) Beagleboard Gateway (GSCL) End user devices Smart building mock-up LAAS ADREAM smart buildingLAAS ADREAM experimental apartment 7 LAN (San Francisc o)
  8. 8. Thank you for your attention