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Pulling it all together mahalia bazile


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Pulling it Together assignment

Published in: Education
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Pulling it all together mahalia bazile

  1. 1. Pulling it All Together BY: MAHALIA BAZILE
  2. 2. Haiti Earthquake
  3. 3. Context:  January 20, 2010  7.0 Magnitude  I am Haitian – American  More than 2 thirds of my family on both sides still reside in Haiti  Haitian Government unstable  Destroyed Presidential Palace  All of Haiti’s dirt laundry aired on National TV for the world to see
  4. 4. Analyze  I saw my cousin on a car  My mom yelling  My dad trying to call back to his family  We all sitting down in front of the TV  Framing by the News  Celebrities giving back  The aftershocks ch?v=Glny4jSciVI
  5. 5. Interpretation  Concern over my family  Overall shock, and helplessness I felt  What impacted me what the narrative being spread about Haiti  We are the 1st black country to gain independence from the slave masters  We are strong and resilient people – but were characterized as weak and helpless  For a moment I wasn’t proud to be Haitian because of how people would then see me and my people  Haiti – still doesn’t get enough credit!
  6. 6. Evaluate : What people might say about me-  People can probably gather that I'm passionate about Haiti  I'm distrustful of the news  I’m not a fan of celebrity Saviors  I want to discuss history from the point of view of the effective people – They are not victims but survivors  These claims written above are not entirely true or false –
  7. 7. My response  One thing hopefully I get across in all my views is that it is not that I am distrustful, but I am critical of how groups of people are portrayed. My people and country were under a magnifying glass. Nothing was mentioned of the groups of Haitians trying to organize relief efforts for themselves, but constant light was being shown celebrities of other groups going to help. Haitians are strong people, and I feel as though that message was lost thanks to the News coverage.
  8. 8. Engage  I can say this event made me critical of the news in particular  How the news portrayed the earthquake and therefore the people, only highlighted and not our perseverance or strength.  That Celebrities signing and bringing awareness about outreach and donating is great, but Haiti isn’t a charity case and should be treated with respect.  This impacted on how I need to try to understand all perspectives because I never want to make anyone feel like they are being demeaned instead of advocating for,
  9. 9. “ ” Without feelings of respect, what is there to distinguish men from beasts? -- Confucius With that being said – Make sure feelings of respect are mutually understood across media platforms