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chen one management principle


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chen one

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chen one management principle

  1. 1. PRINCIPAL OF MANAGEMENT Presentors: Aneela Fajar Aqsa Abid Farzana Mehtab Mahak Shahbaz Maria Gulzar Muqadsa Amber Saeed
  2. 2. CHEN ONE
  3. 3. 1. Analysis of Chen one 2. Vision/Mission Statement of Chen One 3. Functions of Chen One • Planning • Organization • Leading • Controlling CONTENT OF PRESENTATION
  4. 4. Analysis of chen one Introduction 1. It’s a fashion cloths. 2. Established in 1999. 3. Use in fashion industry and usually elite class use it. 4. The success of the chen one is quite impressive so they open more store of chen one in the different areas of Pakistan like Rahim yar khan, Lahore, Faisalabad, Bahawalpur, Sahiwal.
  5. 5. Vision and mission statements… Vision: Chen one wants to be more comparative by offering standard products to be customer and clients. Mission:  To be most preferred business  To be a change leader  To produce product according to market demand  To set unique standard to support their brand image
  6. 6. PLANNINGAT CHEN ONE What is planning ? The process of making plans for something is called planning. Importance of planning  Planning is important for achieving its goal.  Developing plans for organizational work activities  Specific goals covering a specific time period
  7. 7. Short term: Short term planning refer to strategies which are made for near future. They start online sales system They also expanding their system outside Pakistan like in UAE Saudi Arabia Long term :  Long term planning refer to strategies which are made for 10 to 15 years  Chen one focus more on quality than profitability  Now its number one store in Pakistan.
  8. 8. Planning Phases:
  9. 9. Chen one offers clothing's, footwear, bed linen, kitchen accessories, and furniture. Clothing Footwear
  10. 10. Bed Linen Kitchen accessories Furniture
  11. 11. What is Organizing? Organizing is a second function of management , at the first step one make the plan but at the second step the implementation of those plans have to be done.
  12. 12. Spinning : It’s a first step now its done by the machines rather than labor which is more costly. Weaving : Its done after spinning firstly it was done by labor which take longtime new machines done it more efficiently. Processing : All these processes are done by highly trained staff.
  13. 13. Organizing inventory Organizing process starts when stock is in warehouses. They manage stock in such way which is convenient for all. They receive clothing for parent company so there is no problem of over stock.
  14. 14. LEADING AT CHEN ONE Introduction: Chen one is the name which is stands for changing life style forever Chen one is not only the retail outlet but also they provides their customers comfort and satisfaction. Types of Leading: • Autocratic leadership • Democratic leadership • Laissez-fair leadership
  15. 15. Leading at Chen One Autocratic leadership: Upper level of management use the autocratic leadership. They make different policies for achieving goals but they do not let employees to be a part of it. Democratic leadership: In the lower level management use democratic leadership here they consent with employees and let them be a part. Laissez-fair leadership : Chen one does not use this leadership style.
  17. 17.  Introduction: Controlling is fourth function of management in which we compare performance of predetermined standards plans or objectives in order to determine whether performance is in line with these standards. Controlling at chen one
  18. 18.  Keep check and balance  Establishing performance standards  Comparing actual performance against standards  Taking corrective action when necessary  Maintain records Main points under controlling are
  19. 19.  contd…  KEEP CHECK AND BALANCE: check daily routine process and maintain the records  ESTABLISHING PERFORMANCE STANDARDS: They tell employees what they have to do Avoid common mistakes which cause loss for organization
  20. 20. Main points contd… • COMPARING ACTUAL PERFORMANCE AGAINST STANDARDS: The comparing step determines the degree of variation between actual performance and standard. • TAKING CORRECTIVE ACTION WHEN NECESSARY: Companies succeeded because they take correct step at right time. Chen one also take reason able steps and actions to maximize the profit.
  21. 21. Chen one has been highly successful over the years. Overall with its marketing activities Chen one has been successfully brand. Research shows that Pakistan customers are highly attracted to this sort of offers like discount, gifts and loyalty brand. That’s the reason Chen one in future will target the upper middle and middle class.