The Lovers


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The Lovers

  1. 1. T he Lover, Adonis, must make a decision between Aphrodite exposing her breasts (Vice) and Persephone hiding her breasts (Virtue). Cupid hovers over Adonis aim- ing his arrow at Aphrodite. Cupid aiming his arrow at Aphrodite is interchangeable with Sagittarius, the archer, aiming his arrow at the heart of the galaxy. Sagittariuspoints to the Galactic Center to direct us to the heart of our spirituality. e eagle, Scorpio’shigher form, soars above Persephone. e constellations of Sagittarius and Scorpio resideon opposite sides of the heart of the Galactic Center from which the Milky Way is formed. oth-Hermes was aware that our solar system spirals around the center of the galaxy asOrion is much closer to the powerful center than we are. e Sun maintains the same rela-tionship to the Galactic Center as the Earth does to the Sun. To view the Galactic Center, wemust look through Libra, Scorpio and Sagittarius, when measured by the apparent motionof the stars.Modern scientists have only recently corroborated ancient scienti c knowledge of a blackhole at the center of the Galaxy which emits infrared (IFR) energy which in uences thesubconscious mind if we put ourselves in a conscious state of contemplation. In this state itis possible to face our demons, release negative programs and memories and be in harmonywith (IFR). Meditation does not receive this energy if the mind is not quiet. In this state witheyes open, senses alert, a rich, wise stream of consciousness begins. e information fromthe Galactic Center o en accurately addresses unknown n uences on us.Leading quantum scientists like Max Plank, Stephen Hawking, Michio Kaku and Neil Turokhave all suggested the existence of multiple universes. Understanding that you exist in mul-tiple universes is really important. Why? Because you emit thought forms that a ect Earth’svibration. Earth relays these vibrations to the sun; the sun relays it to Galactic Center, whereit goes out to celestial bodies and back to earth via the same route. So, everything in the cos-mos is connected. We cross these di erent universes as stages on the royal path in searchof the Self.Most importantly remember: e Galactic Center rules ignorance. Ignorance in this contextdoes not denote a lack of knowledge. Ignorance connotes the presence of knowledge oneconsciously chooses to ignore. Deliberate deletion of divinely inspired data de nes a sin.Sin, by original denotation, means: “distance from God,” or “missing the mark.” Certainlymissing the mark weighs heavily upon the source full of heart within the Sagittarian Archer.