The Tarot and the Mayan Calendar are time capsules and an extremely accurate calendar basedon the existence and location o...
indications from the Mayan calendar are correct, another such wave may be incoming around 2012AD.    Thoth-Hermes et al ar...
Ultimately this strong symbolism that runs through the mythology and the various astrological andcosmological incarnations...
genetic code, and more. They are without doubt among the most profound systems everformulated.    . When the Galactic Mind...
just a cacophony of thoughts. God stirs in the silence of the heart when the monkey mind is atrest. When the power is elim...
The great aim of the Hermetic mystery schools has been to reveal the workings of theCosmic Laws which connect man the mate...
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22 harmonic archetypes


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22 harmonic archetypes

  1. 1. The Tarot and the Mayan Calendar are time capsules and an extremely accurate calendar basedon the existence and location of the Galactic Core. For Thoth the Galactic Center represented all of theConsciousness that has always existed in this Galaxy. The Mayans were certain that the GalacticCenter of the Milky Way is a whirling disk constantly giving birth to stars, planets, solar systems andgalaxies. They also believed that the “Creator” directs everything that happens in our Galaxy from its‘Center’ through periodic cycles of “Consciousness Energy” bursts. Modern astronomers, like theancient Mayas, are interested in the center of our Galaxy for they believe that our future hinges onwhat happens there. The creator of the ancient science of the Tarot has numerous names such as: Thoth-Hermes-Ningishzidda-Enoch-Quetzalcoatl. The Book of Thoth, The Mayan Calendar-The Keys of Enoch and theElectromagnetic Grid on which the Great Pyramid and other sacred sites around the planet are builtwere created by them as time capsule messages for us now. Thoth-Hermes created an electromagneticgrid to be used for a world of peace and love. This Grid cannot be misused because only those whoresonate on a higher frequency can use it. And they would probably accept Carl Calleman’sconclusion that the Mayan Calendar reflects a divine plan. Carl Johann Calleman, Ph.D. disagrees with the generally accepted end date of the MayanCalendar of December 21, 2012 and has changed it to October 28, 2011. Calleman’s contention isthere are two calendars; one linked to earthly events and astronomy-the Long Count, the other asacred calendar reflecting the cosmic pulse of a divine plan independent of astronomy. Quote: “As Ihave said several times in this debate I am convinced that the Mayan calendar is not aboutastronomy. Rather, it describes a sequence of spiritual energies on different hierarchical levels thatcondition our ways of thinking and living and constitute the driving factors behind cosmic evolutionin all of its aspects. If we understand the codification of these energies - and have correctlydetermined the time periods that they rule! – then the future will in a certain sense becomepredictable. This is not to say that the Mayan calendar allows us to predict events that will occur inthe future exactly. Although the divine plan imposes certain progressions of energies on mankind, itis hardly predetermined in detail how these energies will manifest. Yet, what is predictable, at leastas far as I have been able to analyze, is what specific types of creativity that are meant to beexpressed in a certain Underworld and a certain Heaven.” Paul LaViolette’s very original “Genesis of the Cosmos: The Ancient Science of ContinuousCreation” correlates sub- quantum physics with ancient creation myths encoded in the Tarot whichhe hypothesizes is the key to the zodiac and astrology. LaViolette builds on work by GrahamHancock, Robert Bauval, John Anthony West, et al., and argues that the sphinx/pyramid complex,the zodiac and the tarot were all time capsule messages to future generations about the last time aGalactic Superwave hit earth, with catastrophic consequences (about 13,000 years ago). If the
  2. 2. indications from the Mayan calendar are correct, another such wave may be incoming around 2012AD. Thoth-Hermes et al are associated with Orion and the supernova Vela X which was identifiedwith Ea/Enki by the Sumerians and Thoth by the Egyptians. Ningishzidda, the son of Ea/Enki, issaid by Zecharia Sitchin to have created the Adama in their undersea laboratory called the Abzu.Ningishzida is called the Guardian of the Tree of Life and Keeper of the Gate of Heaven who guidesand protects his creation. In Mesoamerica Quetzalcoatl, the winged serpent, is thought to be theMessiah with astronomical and cosmological associations with the planet Venus, as well as aconnection with the planet Mercury, the messenger Thoth-Hermes. The Pleiadians say that the Adama had 12 strands of DNA ten of which have been latent. Enkiwas ordered by his brother Enlil to keep the Adama unaware of their connection with other starsystems. Enki and Thoth were able to deceive Enlil. Your DNA is your blueprint of life and is whatcontrols every single function inside each of your cells. If you change your DNA, you will reallychange your life. A comprehensive scientific model for the “Energetic Engine of Evolution” has beenproposed by David Wilcock, a highly gifted psychic and speculative scientist whose theory of“Evolution as Intelligent Design” unites many disciplines and provides several critical missingpieces to the evolutionary puzzle. David Wilcock said that there are 22 experiences needed tohave for an entire spiritual awakening and they are known as “archetypes”… and these werewritten by the Mind of the Galaxy long before we were ever created. Thoth-Hermes createdthe 22 major Arcana of the Tarot to have a synchronistic resonance with the cosmictemplate that sustains the personal holographic matrix. Pictures are the preferred language ofthe mind to activate the latent strands of DNA . Constant reference to the imagery of majorarcana can restore the higher levels of consciousness of your original blue print from theGalactic Center. David Wilcock believes that our minds maybe hardwired to experience specificarchetypes in various lifetimes and that until all 22 archetypes are experienced it is not possible toleap into the fourth dimension. Immersing oneself in the imagery of these archetypes will keep theego from wasting its energy in resisting what the Galactic Mind has encoded in our personal matrix In his own words, this provocative model “suggests that humanity is on the verge of a near-spontaneous metamorphosis into a more highly evolved state of consciousness. What are theramifications of this? Imagine activating 100% of your 2 strand DNA, PLUS 10 additional strands!You will go from using 10% of your brain to becoming a multi-dimensional being with psychic,telepathic, and manifestation abilities beyond anything youve ever dreamed of. Quetzalcoatl is arguably the most famous of all of the gods of the New World. No other figurehas stirred modern imagination nearly as much, and the history of the interest in this particularmythic figure dates to a time very early after the contact between native inhabitants and theconquering Spaniards in Central Mexico. The name is a Nahuatl word composed of two separatewords joined together; quetzal - the quetzal bird of Guatemala is known for very long green tailfeathers that were highly prized - and coatl - serpent. The simplest definition might then be quetzal-bird serpent but the usual modern translation is feathered serpent.
  3. 3. Ultimately this strong symbolism that runs through the mythology and the various astrological andcosmological incarnations is the thing which in our present time gives us undeniable and verytangible hints of Quetzalcoatls great ancient power and reveals his ultimate pervasiveness which isevident in the scholarly research of the remaining cultural treasures that the ancient Mayan peopleleft for posterity.Some recent Russian DNA discoveries documented by Grazyna Fosar and Franz Bludorf in theirbook Vernetzte Intelligenz have been summarised by Baerbel. The human DNA is a biologicalInternet with evidence that DNA can be reprogrammed by images words and frequencies. Thissuggests that our DNA is not only responsible for the construction of our body, but also serves asdata storage and communication. The Russian scientists and linguists have found that the geneticcode follows the same rules as all our human languages. In effect, human language did not appearcoincidentally but is a reflection of our DNA.The Russian researchers believe that Living chromosomes function just like a holographiccomputer using endogenous DNA laser radiation. This means that they managed to modulatecertain frequency patterns (sound) onto a laser-like ray which influence DNA frequency and thusthe genetic information itself. Since the basic structure of DNA-alkaline pairs and language is of thesame structure, no DNA decoding is necessary. One can simply use words and sentences of thehuman language! This, too, was experimentally proven! Of course the frequency has to be correct.(I recommend that the article be read in full.) But for the purposes of this article, the Russianresearch shows how science now can demonstrate a way to reprogram DNA through language andfrequencies. Quantum theory strongly hints at the possibility that what we take for our reality is actuallycomposed of a reality that is totally vibrational in character; simply an illusion which makes ourlives seem logical and livable in a practical everyday "The Mayans tell us that in 2012 a serpent rope is going to emerge from the center of ourMilky Way galaxy out of which will step a bearded god of enlightenment. John Major Jenkins hasproposed, and I agree, that the archaic term serpent rope is interchangeable with the modernscientific term wormhole or stargate, i.e. a tunnel that links two regions of space." fromWilliam Henry "Think about it. There already IS a part of you that exists now, millions of years in thefuture as you would think of it, (in 6D), that has full time-travel capability. It can go to anypoint of your entire evolution, study it in minute detail, and affect the outcome. It knows whatlessons you need to learn to get from here to there — and its primary goal is to increase thespeed with which you make that journey. David Wilcock The Mayans knew where the exact center of the galaxy was located and they even had aglyph representing it. The symbol of Hunab Ku, the Supreme creator God of the Mayans, isreminiscent of yin-yang; it represents the solar calendar, balanced forces, and perfection. Likethe I Ching it also gives us a profound understanding of quantum physics, chance, meaning, the
  4. 4. genetic code, and more. They are without doubt among the most profound systems everformulated. . When the Galactic Mind inputs its bio-computers (human beings) with a unique programthe output will be the same. An input can be thoughts, words or images. The outputs are theautomatic reaction from the body-mind computer to the inputs. Both inputs and outputs arebeyond our control. We are not in charge of the situation. Then one day God starts the processof psychic defragmentation. We are guided to identify and delete obsolete information andknowledge. Deleted means wiped from consciousness without trace. Make sure these glitchesare sent to the recycle bin so they do not block access to positive information from the GalacticMind. Archetypes and oracles commune with the Galactic Mind and are as relevant in our moderntechnological civilization as they ever were for the oracle is where the individual soul touchesthe Soul of the Galactic Center. Whereas logic speaks to the scientific/logical left side of ourbrain, oracles communicate from the Galactic Center, through symbol and image, directly tothe artistic/symbolic right-side of the brain. We are regularly overwhelmed withlogical/scientific input. Ramesh Balzecar and other great sages make the analogy that the human being is no more thana uniquely programmed computer. I have genes of unique DNA but had no choice about being bornto particular parents in a particular environment in Britain. Therefore apart from the unique DNAencoded from day one I am the product of conditioning: from society, church or temple, school anda constant media bombardment. So this unique DNA, plus the environmental conditioning is theprogramming in every human bio-computer. This how the human bio-computer works. An imput oraction happens which society may or may not accept. The brain reacts to the input and the outputis a sense of pleasure or pain. An input can be thoughts, words or images and outputs are theautomatic reaction to the inputs. Both inputs and outputs are beyond our control. I am notin control of the situation. Then one day The Mind of God starts the process of psychicdefragmentation. God identifies and deletes obsolete information and knowledge. Deletedmeans wiped from consciousness with no trace. Be sure these glitches are sent to the recyclebin so they do not block access to positive information from the Mind of God. As God’s Will is the software that takes human form at the moment of conception there neverwas any free-will even if we think there is. God decides when we are to be liberated from the danceof Maya and forces us to say enough is enough! We are then given the grace to quiet the mind anduse our powerful minds to stop thinking. There is only one Mind and that is the Universal Mind. Wethink our mind is real but is just a cacophony of thoughts. God stirs in the silence of the heart whenthe monkey mind is at rest. When the power is eliminated from our thoughts the takeover beginsThe Mind dissolves the false mind into the Universal Mind.God decides when we are to be liberated from the dance of Maya and forces us to say enough isenough! We are then given the grace to quiet the mind and use our powerful minds to stopthinking. There is only one Mind and that is the Mind of God. We think our mind is real but it is
  5. 5. just a cacophony of thoughts. God stirs in the silence of the heart when the monkey mind is atrest. When the power is eliminated from our thoughts the takeover begins The Mind dissolvesthe false mind into the Universal Mind. Each person must find their own method, without effort so that Grace or Universal Mindfrom above moves the spirit in the individual Mind. We do not know who we are, and still lesswhat we are capable of until the Mind are clear of thoughts. This is not beyond ordinaryhuman possibilities. The mistake is in judging with our present Mind that which belongs to TheUniversal Mind. Once on the path a whole range of invisible forces, that far exceed our normalpossibilities, are able to transform our human bio-computer. The first sign of this transition is the ‘Divine Discontent’ with our perception of the world.Spiritual seekers begin to understand that they are being born to another life, with new eyes,and new senses not yet formed; they are like newborn child just coming into the world. There isnot a lessening of consciousness but, in reality, a passage to a new consciousness: In fact,gradually we discover that there is no necessity to think. Something above does all the work,with a precision and infallibility that grows as we get into the habit of referring to it. There is no necessity to remember, since the exact information comes when needed; there isno need to plan any action, since a secret spring sets it in motion without thinking about it, andmakes us do exactly what is needed with a wisdom and foresight of which our mind isincapable. Eventually, after many trials and tribulations, we will understand that the mind isnot an instrument of knowledge but only an organizer of knowledge, as Sri Aurobindo put it,and that knowledge comes from somewhere else When the mind is silent, words come, speechcomes, action comes, and everything comes automatically. It is a much lighter way of living.For there is nothing the mind can do that cannot be done in thought-free stillness. Finally,there is the physical consciousness itself which has never been entirely transformed. Theoverall consciousness of the body has been transformed by changing habits but what remainsto be changed is the consciousness of the cells. True religion taught that God is love not wrath. God waits patiently while we destroy thelayers of illusion that cloud our knowledge of the True Self. God does not judge our behaviorand send us to hell for in the spirit world there is no heaven or hell. Hell exists in a mind that isunconscious of its divinity. For the ancient Egyptians the human mind was inner arena ofconsciousness where the lessons of the soul were learnt. The essential truth of the resurrectionis of the One life force, the One soul, the One Sustaining Power constantly renewing itself in thehuman mind. We need to attain equanimity by stimulating and using the artistic/symbolic right-side ofthe brain which will enable you to have harmony in life. Oracle systems like the Tarot and IChing are particularly recommended by Carl Jung who worked extensively with them. Writethe results down in your Journal regularly, By doing so, you enhance your intuition and placeyourself in direct communion with Universal Consciousness.
  6. 6. The great aim of the Hermetic mystery schools has been to reveal the workings of theCosmic Laws which connect man the material to man the spiritual. The connecting linkbetween the material man and the spiritual man is the intellectual man, for the mind partakesof both the material and immaterial qualities. The aspirant for higher knowledge must developthe intellectual side of his nature and so strengthen his will that is able to concentrate allpowers of his being on and in the plane he desires. Doreal, The White Brotherhood