Case Solution about Clear Conditioner


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This case was an little attempt to compete in the Unilever BizMaestros!

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Case Solution about Clear Conditioner

  1. 1. Integrated Marketing Plan on CLEAR CONDITIONER • WHY A CONDITIONER ? A conditioner nourishes hair strands and keeps them moisturized. Conditioners make the hair less prone to damage and breakage. It makes your hair strands lie flat. The result of this is a smooth appearance around your mane, and it helps protect your scalp from too much exposure to sun heat. Conditioners help to untangle hair as well as prevent it from tangling. Conditioning, especially deep conditioning, helps replace important nutrients
  2. 2. INTERNALANALYSIS EXTERNALANALYSIS • High quality • Strong Brand Image • Strong Distribution Network • Extensive R & D STRENGHTS • Existing Competition • Lack of awareness about conditioner usage • Preference of Natural conditioners (Eggs, Coconut oil etc.) THREATS • Low Penetration • High Price • Low product differentiation WEAKNESSES • Developing Market • Innovation • Increasing income level of the middle class OPPORTUNITIES SWOT S O W T SWOT ANALYSIS
  3. 3. CUSTOMER AWARENESS • Campaigning to different market segments highlighting the importance of conditioners and the benefits of using CLEAR conditioners , with options for demo usage on spot. For example: Beauty Parlors, Barber Shops, etc. • Promoting the effectiveness of using clear conditioners through „Skin Specialists‟. • Attaining customer attention through usage of electronic media, like Talk Shows and Expert advise sessions regarding advantages of using CLEAR conditioners on both TV and Radios. • Social media coverage through Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pop-up advertisements on different popular websites on the importance of using conditioners and why CLEAR is preferable. • Sponsorship of various events and signboards. • Campaigning through various events like “Hair Care Day” in which free hair care booths will be set up in targeted markets. There, free hair wash & drying using CLEAR shampoo & CLEAR conditioner will be arranged to give the users a feel of what separates CLEAR conditioners from the rest.
  4. 4. SCOPE OF MARKETING COMMUNICATION • Conduct of market survey and extracting detailed statistical analysis to find out the relative usage of conditioners from different brands under Unilever Bangladesh Limited and other competitors. Leaving the market dominated by Unilever conditioners untouched, focus can be shifted to markets dominated by other conditioner manufacturers. Their Products can be bought by Unilever to free that market from competitors products and in their place CLEAR conditioner can be promoted. • Form a contract with the leading Beauty Parlors and Saloons so as to make them use CLEAR conditioners as their default conditioner & promote their usefulness. • Sachets can be redesigned so as to sell both CLEAR shampoo & conditioner in a single sachet at slightly discounted prices. This tactic can be tried out in selected markets & can be evaluated on the basis of performance in those markets. • Sign an emerging Bangladeshi model or an established Bangladeshi star personality to perform the role of brand ambassador of CLEAR conditioner. • Redesign sachet and tube to make them more attractive to consumers.
  5. 5. SCOPE OF MARKETING COMMUNICATION THANK YOU • Redefine the tagline of CLEAR conditioner. Suggested tagline “Your hair; we care.” • The current Facebook Page lacks penetrating posts and desired customer reach. Posts have to be more informative, eye-catching and it must reach the desired segments. For example: It is of no use if the post contains little and irrelevant content and it is delivered to impractical segments (such as “political groups”). • Promote the product by offering attractive gift packages. For example : Customers, on purchasing the combo of „CLEAR shampoo & conditioner tube‟ will be provided with gift coupons, “with two lucky winners getting a chance to travel to a holiday destination.”