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SALA Drugs in India


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Sound Alike and Look Alike Drug names in India. How to avoid the mistake arising out of wrong medication

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SALA Drugs in India

  1. 1. Sound-Alike And Look- Alike Drug names in India (SALA DRUGS) Mahadev Patel Patel Medical, Mulund East, Mumbai
  2. 2. SALA DRUGS in India BRANDNAME GENERIC NAME USE Aldactone Spironolactone Diuretic Aldarone Amiodarone Antiarrythmic Epitril Clonazepam Anticonvulsant Enapril Enalepril Ace Inhibitor
  3. 3. SALA DRUGS in India BRANDNAME A BRANDNAME B Metpure XL 25 Minipress XL 2.5 Decerin GM Dycerin GM Misoprost 200 Microgest 200 Beplex Forte Riflux Forte Rabekind Rubired Zinetac Zyrtec Daonil Depsonil Dilantin Dilcontin
  4. 4. How To Prevent The SALA Medication Errors Suggestions To Reduce The Medication Mix-ups
  5. 5. Manufacturers Manufacturers should: 1) Choose unique drug names, easily written and pronounced 2) While proposing a drug name (brand and generic), they should do complete research to ensure that there are no drugs with similar names in the market
  6. 6. Physicians/Prescriber In order to avoid SALA confusion, the prescriber can 1) Clearly write the prescriptions (Printed/ in CAPS) 2) Avoid using short forms or abbreviation of drug names 3) Make further comment about the drugs (include both generic and brand names) 4) Avoid verbal prescriptions to a maximum extent.
  7. 7. Pharmacists Pharmacists should ensure that a patient receives the correct drug, as directed by the physician. They can do so by Procurement : •Avoid combined purchase of medicines with similar packaging and appearance Storage •Separating SALA drugs from one another •Additional Warning Labels on stock detailing generic drug
  8. 8. Pharmacists Administrative •Read labels carefully and perform triangle check for right dispensing > •Emphasize the need to read labels rather than relying on visual recognition or stock location •Make read back clarification of verbal orders a requirement. The staff receiving the verbal order must repeat the orders and ensure that they are verified
  9. 9. Pharmacists Dispensing/Supply •Identify medicines based on its name and strength and not by its appearance or location. •Check the appropriateness of dose for the medicines dispensed. •Installing warning system to staff – Computer alerts or warnings on stock •Double checking the drug before dispensing General •Contacting the physician in case of any clarification regarding the prescription •Becoming and making staff familiar with SALA drugs
  10. 10. Consumers Consumers can also reduce the chance of getting the wrong medications. 1) Must be aware as to why that particular drug is prescribed and the appropriate usage the medication. 2) They should confirm that the physician has clearly written the name of the drug (i.e. the patient must be able to read the name of the drug). 3) After buying, they should ensure to see whether the drug in hand is the same as the one in the prescription.
  11. 11. Thank You! Suggestions and Feedback. Mahadev Patel Patel Medical, Mulund East, Mumbai