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Ma oun special education presntation10


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Published in: Education, Technology
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Ma oun special education presntation10

  2. 2. SpecialEducation
  3. 3. What is special education?According to my point of viewSpecial education is specially designed forspecial children. Who have different abilitiesand different characteristics. Special childrenare different from normal peoples but they arealso intelligent and intellectual.And also designed instructions, no fee forparents of special childs.
  4. 4. Who is eligible for specialeducation? All those students with disabilities are eligible for special education and related services
  5. 5. Objectives and goals1.We should provide the much needed supportand confidence to each and every childaccording to their needs.2.We should provide fully awareness ofcurrent life for special need student .3. Bonding with students helps to motivatestudents to try their best and allows studentsto feel comfortable asking for help
  6. 6. Activities for specialchildrens
  7. 7. ~ I have aDisabilityyes thatstrue, butall thatreallymeans is Imay haveto take aslightlydifferentpath thanyou. ~
  8. 8. ~ Chastityis notchastity inan oldman, but adisabilityto beunchaste.~
  9. 9. In the end, of ma persentation.I would like to special thanks formy teacher and friendsand I want to share somethingwith you very special
  10. 10. “Children truly are thefuture of our nation. Weowe to them, and ournation, to ensure that allchildren are born with thebest possible chance tolive, love, grow, and excel.”
  11. 11. ~ I choosenot toplace"DIS", inmy ability.~