The Center for Arab American Philanthropy


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Provides an overview of the Center for Arab American Philanthropy (CAAP)'s programs and services
- Donor-advised funds
- Grantmaking
- Teen Philanthropy
- Disaster Relief

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The Center for Arab American Philanthropy

  2. 2. We build and managethephilanthropicresourcesoftheArabAmericandonorcommunity.We house individuals’,businesses’,and families’charitabledollars.We engagedonors to givethroughCAAPtoorganizationsand causesthey care about.We supportandstrengthenArabAmericanfamilyfoundations.BUILDERS AND STEWARDS OF COMMUNITY RESOURCES
  3. 3. OUR HISTORY2005:ACCESSreceives funding fromtheW.K.Kellogg Foundation andtheC.S.MottFoundationtodevelop aprogram tostrengthen philanthropy intheArabAmerican community.2006:CAAPconducts thefirstresearch ever doneongiving intheArabAmerican community.Theresults arepublishedin“Insights onArabAmerican Giving.”2007:CAAPformstheProfessionalAdvisory Board,anational advisory boardofArabAmericanphilanthropists andleaders.2007:CAAPconducted research withover 18national philanthropic ethnic organizations,resulting inthedecision todevelop CAAPintoanationalArabAmerican community foundation,notforageographic area, butforanethnic community.
  4. 4. OUR HISTORY – CONT.2008,CAAPbegins to engageindividual donors incommunity grantmaking bothwithinandbeyond theArabAmericancommunity. CAAPreceives funding fromtheFordFoundation forinstitution building activities. CAAPalso receives achallengegrantfrom theW.K. Kellogg Foundation. With this funding, CAAPlaunchesthefirst Request forProposals forArab Americancommunityorganizations.2009,CAAPawards $73,900 to 16ArabAmericanorganizations acrosstheU.S. initsfirst roundofgrantmaking.Additionally, CAAPbegins housing individualdonor-advised funds with the support of the matching opportunityfrom the W.K. Kellogg Foundation.
  5. 5. IMPACTING CHANGE THROUGH GRANTMAKINGThrough our community grantmaking, CAAP strengthensArabAmerican nonprofit organizations to improve the quality of lifefor individuals and communitiesSince 2009, CAAP has completed four rounds of communitygrantmaking, providing a total of $232,900 in grants toArabAmerican organizations across the country
  6. 6. TEEN GRANTMAKING INITIATIVEIn2011,CAAPlaunched theTeenGrantmaking Initiative (TGI), agroupof 20highschoolstudents who gather“To make adifference inourcommunitythroughgrantmaking andcommunity service.” Theteens completedtheir firstroundof grantmaking inspring 2012, awarding $4,600 to12 metro-Detroitnonprofits insupport ofyouth-led programs.TGIwas honored in2012with theprestigious SparkyAndersonAwardforOutstandingYouthPhilanthropy from theAssociationof FundraisingProfessionals-Detroit Chapter.TGIplans toexpandnationally withseveralnew chapters inthecoming years.ATGI-NewYorkchapterwill pilotinfall 2013.
  7. 7. DISASTER RELIEFIn spring 2012, CAAP established a disaster relief fundto provide emergency aid to victims of natural andman-made disasters throughout the world.In fall 2012, CAAP granted over $65,000 to 5humanitarian relief organizations providing aid tothousands of Syrian refugees.
  8. 8. $1 MILLION GRANTMAKING BENCHMARKIn February 2013, CAAP reached a majorbenchmark: $1 million in grants throughour community grantmaking, donor-advised funds, disaster relief, and TeenGrantmaking Initiative
  9. 9. HOW CAN WE SERVE YOU?VEHICLES THROUGH WHICH YOU CAN GIVE TO ORGANIZATIONS ANDCAUSES YOU CARE ABOUTIndividual and Family Donor-Advised FundsCAAP currently houses 38 donor-advised funds, which have grantedmore than $644,000 since 2010 to organizations both within andoutside of theArabAmerican community.CorporateAdvised FundsGiving Circles
  10. 10. INDIVIDUAL & FAMILY DONOR-ADVISED FUNDSHow Does a Donor-Advised Fund Work?Make a gift of cash or stock to CAAP to establish a fund.You receive a tax-deduction immediately.You make recommendations for grants from your fund toany 501(c)(3) organization working in the United States oraround the world.CAAP staff provides all necessary administrative support.
  11. 11. LEAVE A LEGACY: ENDOWED FUNDSEndowed donor-advised funds leave a permanent legacy ofgiving for you and your family.CAAP currently houses 3 endowed donor-advised funds:BustanAl-Funun Fund for theArabArts inAmericaJack G. and Bernice M. Shaheen Scholarship FundLubna Emil Bathish Endowed Fund…and one endowed operational fund that was formed in2012.All four of our endowed funds have total combined assets ofmore than $140,000.
  12. 12. CORPORATE-ADVISED FUNDSAconvenient and effective way for your company togive to community organizations while gainingvaluable publicity and exposure.Outsource all or part of your company’s charitablegiving.Receive a tax deduction at the time the gift is made.CAAP staff provides all administrative support.
  13. 13. WHAT ARE THE BENEFITS OF ESTABLISHING ADONOR-ADVISED FUND?Support your favorite charities and make a difference.CAAP provides all administrative support and due diligenceto ensure that donor’s funds are used for maximum impactwith trustworthy organizations.Leverage your gift with other donors for a bigger impact.Participate in a national movement to harness thecollective power ofArabAmerican giving. CAAP tells thestory ofArabAmerican giving to mainstream America.
  14. 14. JOIN US!Consider establishing a Donor-Advised Fund with CAAP.Make a gift to support CAAP’s community grantmaking, the TeenGrantmaking Initiative or our disaster relief fund.Suggest philanthropic leaders in the community to serve on CAAP’sboard.Help us spread the word about CAAP by:Holding an outreach session at your home or business.Connecting us with others who may be interested in supportingCAAP or establishing a Donor-Advised Fund.
  15. 15. CONTACT US2651 Saulino CourtDearborn, MI 48120313-842-5130caap@centeraap.orgwww.centeraap.orgCENTER FORARABAMERICAN PHILANTHROPY