Scriptwriting and the commissioning process


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Scriptwriting and the commissioning process

  1. 1. Scriptwriting and theCommissioning Process
  2. 2. Scriptwriting• A good film always has a strong main character , this quote tells me this. “The movies you loved most featured characters that swept you up, who captivated your emotions, got you involved. The audience viewing a movie not only wants to be interested in and care about the people they see on the screen, they want to be PASSIONATE about them, whether they like them or not.” I got this quote from This tells me when you are writing a script that you need to make a character that maintains the audiences attention and makes them interested in the film because they want to see what happens to the character.• Another point is that there could be something at stake or something that the main character has to overcome to achieve their goal or to restore order in their life. “Someone wants something and people and things keep getting in the way of them achieving the goal”. I found this quote at This tells me about Todorov’s theory of equilibrium, which is where at first there is no problem in the persons life, then something happens which changes the persons life and then the person usually finds a way to restore the balance to their life. Which is the beginning, middle and end.
  3. 3. Scriptwriting• The beginning and end are very important to a short film, I know this by finding this quote, “The impact of page one is crucial. Are we emotionally engaged? What is the vision and world of the film? Is it original? Do we inhabit the characters? Do the world and story of the film have integrity and authenticity? The last moment is also crucial – its easy to come away feeling very little about a short, so work towards a meaningful, satisfying ending.” I found this quote at The quote tells me that you have to have an interesting beginning to a short film to engage the audiences attention, and have to also have a good ending so that the audience comes away from the film still thinking about it and it has to leave a good impression on the viewer.• Another point in making a short film is that you dont have a big budget or the ability to create great special effects. “Think about the practicalities of writing your script so that it can be shot with a low or limited budget – theres never enough money around to spend on making shorts.”, “But remember also that a low budget short doesnt need to look cheap - unless, of course, you want it to.”Both these quotes are from Both these quotes tell me that when you are doing a short film that it cant be extravagant and has to be more simple to get the best quality out of it.
  4. 4. Scriptwriting• Making something original is better than doing some thing that has already been done, “Write what you know and feel passionately about rather than something second-hand and culled from watching other films”, this is where if found this quote This tells me that you should make your film unique and different or it will be like other peoples therefore not standing out from the others. Also choose to make a film about something your passionate about so that you will put 100% into it. Here is a list of what to do and what not to do: “ Its worth thinking about• The simplicity, clarity and economy of the storytelling• The vision of the piece, and its visual images• Making every element pertinent• Making your story coherent.• Its worth being careful of• Conflicting and incoherent worlds• Ideas that are too concept-driven• A lack of narrative engine and story• A lack of engaging characters• A lack of focus and concision• Action and repetition without meaning• Descriptive dialogue• Extended jokes with (usually unsatisfying) punch-lines.” This information was found at
  5. 5. Scriptwriting • A point when you are screenwriting is not to try different things that you dont know how to do and keep it more simple so that you then can get the best quality out of it, this quote tells me this, "The simple answer to this question is to apply what we already know and see if it works”. This is from the book The Art & Science of Screenwriting by Philip Parker. This tells me not to try and be too clever when you are writing a screenplay because you will come unstuck when you dont know how you pull it off and stick to things that you know well to achieve the best quality you can out of your short film.
  6. 6. Scriptwriting When righting a script it is a good point to think about youre audiences, settings of your film and the culture of which it is set. I know this from this quote, “If you want to tell the untold stories, if you want to give voice to the voiceless, youve got to find a language. Which goes for film as well as prose, for documentary as well as autobiography, Use the wrong language, and youre dumb and blind.” The quote was from Film Studies: The Essential Resource by Peter Bennett, Andrew Hickman and Peter Wall. This quote tells me that you should use the language of the people you are setting the film, e.g. If it was set in Manchester you would use a Manchester accent, and make people feel like it is actually about a mancunian person therefore making it feel more realistic so people can identify with it.
  7. 7. Commissioning• To be able to summit a script through The BBC you have to submit it through the online e- Commissioning for the BBC network “All proposals for TV and online content ideas must be submitted online through e-Commissioning for BBC network content”. I found this information at