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David mc carthy


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David mc carthy

  1. 1. Character Profile: Full Name: David McCarthy Alias/Nickname (if any): Gender: Male Age:39 Ethnicity: IrishAppearance: Insert Eye Colour: Brown Photo/Drawing Hair colour: Brown Height and Build: 5, 10 Clothing/Style (How do they dress? Do they have any tattoos?): flat caps and long coatsRole: Character Function (hero/villain/side-kick/damsel in distress/comic relief): Villain Character Objectives (what’s their purpose in the narrative? What do they do?): To get revenge on Adam Doherty for leaving the IRA for London Character’s Personality (describe him/her in 3 words): aggressive , corrupt and evil Background History (do they have any hidden secrets? Has anything significant happened to them in their past?):Is in the IRA