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Engaging in the Moment


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Today’s consumers have a natural adBlock. Whether you believe it or not, brands aren’t always relevant to their lives. Our job as marketers is to identify moments that matter for the brands we represent and to create conversations around those moments. In our two and three screen world, leveraging current events on social media in real-time can be a powerful platform to kick start these conversations. Check out MMI Agency's framework for properly planning and executing!

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Engaging in the Moment

  1. 1. Engaging in the Moment Integrating PR + Social for Real-Time Events Maggie Malek | Head of PR and Social | @MagsMac MMI Agency | | @mmiagency
  2. 2. One upon a time… • GeoCities • Sports marketing • Traditional PR Now? Social media + Experience junkie #DefinePR | @magsmac
  3. 3. a few current clients… #DefinePR | @magsmac
  4. 4. Consumers today have 
 a natural adblock
  5. 5. To break through, brands have to become a part of consumers’ lives
  6. 6. In whatever way that matters to YOUR specific consumer
  7. 7. Sometimes, that means leveraging live events to ignite a conversation.
  8. 8. But how do you maximize your punch?
  9. 9. You have to identify (or create) moments that matter.
  10. 10. #DefinePR | @magsmac
  11. 11. framework for real-time engagement startLISTEN identifySTRATEGIZE igniteCONVERSE REPORT #DefinePR | @magsmac
  12. 12. Step 1: Evaluate and Listen
  13. 13. Do you have the right to play in this space?
  14. 14. • Will the audience care? • Is our brand relevant? • How do we truly engage? Questions to ask yourself (honestly) #DefinePR | @magsmac
  15. 15. Use social listening to identify key conversation topics
  16. 16. #DefinePR | @magsmac
  17. 17. Participate in the conversation year-round
  18. 18. Step 2: Write your event-day (or week ) strategy
  19. 19. Event time is hectic: plan in advance
  20. 20. Identify every opportunity to engage
  21. 21. • Push pre-created content live • Monitor real-time conversations to feed ideas for live content • Generate images on the fly • For agencies, have your client in the room for approvals Social Media: #DefinePR | @magsmac
  22. 22. • Identify who you will be pitching • Finalize your visuals • Write your releases • Identify your spokespeople • Know exactly who the final approval will be for on the fly media requests Public Relations: #DefinePR | @magsmac
  23. 23. Leverage multiple channels #DefinePR | @magsmac
  24. 24. Plan for unbridled success!
  25. 25. Step 3: Ignite Conversations
  26. 26. Now it’s time to activate!
  27. 27. Have your tools ready to go. Have your tools ready to go.
  28. 28. Assign a dedicated team
  29. 29. And know exactly who is responsible for what.
  30. 30. Always be ready to move.
  31. 31. And you will ignite conversations.
  32. 32. Step 4: Review and refresh
  33. 33. Assess your success
  34. 34. #DefinePR | @magsmac
  35. 35. Step 1: Evaluate and Listen Step 2: Write your strategy Step 3: Hit the ground running Step 4: Review and refresh Framework for Real-Time Social Event Engagement #DefinePR | @magsmac
  36. 36. Case studies!!
  37. 37. Houston: The City With No Limits
  38. 38. Start with reality. Houston had a perception problem—negative stereotypes of the city overshadowed the positive realities of living and working in the fourth-largest city in the United States. The Greater Houston Partnership (GHP), a leading economic development organization, identified this as a problem and enlisted the help of MMI Agency to change the perception and attract millennial talent to the city’s growing economic base. To fully understand the existing perception of the city from both residents and outsiders, MMI engaged people in conversations about Houston through surveys, focus groups and interviews.
  39. 39. Identify what’s relevant. The results were clear; people ranked Houston high in both economic and quality-of-life measures. Based on these insights, MMI and GHP created “Houston: The City With No Limits” campaign to share the positive realities of living in Houston and start conversations.
  40. 40. Ignite Conversations. The “City With No Limits” ignited conversations everywhere—from developing a visual brand to creating sharable moments using experiential elements like a giant “H.”MMI created a highly shared video set to the popular song, “Best Day of My Life,” built a robust social media presence, which generated more than 16.6 million impressions, and connected with individual people to start meaningful conversations about the city of Houston.
  41. 41. Shell Houston Open
  42. 42. Start with reality. The Shell Houston Open generates more than $2 million annually for Greater Houston charities. Nine years ago, title sponsor Shell Oil Company challenged MMI to develop a plan to increase brand awareness and affinity for Shell and its community relations initiatives, specifically those associated with the PGA TOUR event. With these goals in mind, MMI conducted research and combined the resulting data with strategic thinking to develop a comprehensive plan to satisfy Shell's goals, adapting to incorporate market trends and technology advances. MARCH 30-MARCH 30- APRIL 5APRIL 5
  43. 43. Identify what’s relevant. 63% more Facebook fans year over year 34% more Twitter followers year over year Through relevant insights, MMI determined that fan engagement both on social media and at the event was an opportunity the tournament could expand on. MMI developed a high impact strategy that would spark conversations about Shell and the children’s charities it supports in media publications, across social media channels and at the tournament itself.
  44. 44. Ignite conversations. MMI's program included interactive fan engagement areas on-site, appealing creative design elements, media relations activities to tell the charity story in a variety of ways, and a social media strategy, including the development of best practices now implemented by the PGA TOUR nationwide. Press coverage about Shell’s contribution to local children’s charities generated more than 226 million impressions, elevating Shell’s brand equity across the U.S. and keeping the conversation going off the golf course.
  45. 45. Questions?