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Wen proposal


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Wen proposal

  2. 2. What does Mags do?• Event planning• Event management• Budget management• Identifying and liaising with speakers• Ongoing needs analysis (annual survey and regular one-to-one)• Communications/Promotion – social media, email newsletter and local PR– communications involves collecting and disseminating information fromvarious sources including support agencies, members and other business& women’s networks• Partnerships – with other business networks• Representation of network at events• Advisory service to members• Facilitation of introductions and referrals within and outside network• Organisation and attendance at events• Reporting and liaising with Waterford County Enterprise Board
  3. 3. Current Structure• Meet once per month on last Monday ofmonth• All events free to members• 10 meetings per year (1 high profile)• External speakers and networking events• There are currently 120 members with anaverage meeting attendance of 10-20 people
  4. 4. Current Structure• Networking – informal networking overtea/coffee• Introductions – every member introduces self,business and outlines what referrals they wouldlike• Show Your Business – a member gets 5 minutesto showcase their business• Meeting – mix of seminar, workshop, networkingand/or training event• Highlights – Mags details any upcoming events oropportunities of interest
  5. 5. Current BenefitsPeer support Support/Advice fromnetwork managerMotivationBusiness referrals Business connections Social connectionsSociable Relaxed Offers varietyGood speakers Strong role models Makes connectionsacross the countyMeet like-minded people Reduces isolation Make new contactsKeep up to date withwhat’s happening inbusiness community
  6. 6. Desired Improvements• Name tags• Higher attendance at meetings• More focused meetings• Mix of speakers and internal discussions• Rotating venue• More referral focus• More member business focus• Business book club• 5 speakers and 5 meetings• Summary at end of speaker seminars with analysis at following meeting• More input on speakers• Troubleshooting for member businesses• Homemade cakes!!• Get involved with St Patricks Day parade and other high profile events
  7. 7. Proposed New Structure• Committee-led by members• Some funded meetings for external speakers(5 per year)• Small membership fee to cover costs (€30)• Meeting attendance fee for speaker events• Consider paying for network coordinator
  8. 8. Member Actions• Bring a buddy• Share membership directory• Refer WEN businesses to friends• Share business cards• Set up a Facebook group• Facilitate rotating venue
  9. 9. WEN Transition• Mags to sit as Chair on Committee transitionfrom Sept-Dec• Every member to bring a friend to meetings
  10. 10. WEN TransitionThe following members have agreed to join thecommittee:• Ann Marie Coghlan• Ann Kearney• Pippa SweeneyWe need two more bodies – who will help?