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Darock media e-commerce_2013

  1. 1. E-CommerceDarach Cawley
  2. 2. Contents• About Darach• About DarockMedia• E-Commerce Components• How E-Commerce Site Works• Top Sales Channels• Types of E-Commerce Solutions• Tips• Discussion and Q & A
  3. 3. About Darach• Education – MSc & BSc in IT, HDip & PGDip in Business• Experience – Developer/Team Lead/Business Consultant/Online Business Owner• Achievements – Deise Den/Dragons Den/Web Summit/Bungee Jump
  4. 4. BundleBee.ie
  5. 5. About DarockMedia• Founded this year• We do Future-Proofed: – Websites – Apps – Digital Marketing – E-Commerce• What makes us different?
  6. 6. Future-Proofing: Desktop
  7. 7. Future-Proofing: Tablet
  8. 8. Future-Proofing: Mobile
  9. 9. E-Commerce Components Sales E-Commerce Marketing Technology
  10. 10. E-Commerce Components• Marketing – User Personas e.g. Jean, 24, works in Salon, €100 weekly disposable income – Buying Behaviour e.g. AIDA (Awareness->Interest- >Desire->Action) – Product/Service Design e.g. Based on wants and market trends – Pricing Points e.g. To cover all personas – Campaign Management e.g. Develop a campaign strategy to create a benchmark & work from
  11. 11. E-Commerce Components• Sales – Sales Channels e.g. FB/Email/Direct/Referral – Sales Funnel e.g. Subscriber->Lead->Qualified Lead->Customer->Repeat Customer – Shipping Provider (if needed) e.g. Package costing – Payment Processing e.g. PayPal/Realex/Hosted – Invoicing e.g. Integrated or manual
  12. 12. E-Commerce Components• Technology – Monitoring & Analytics e.g. who/where/when – Tracking & A/B Testing e.g. What works best – Campaign Landing Pages e.g. Customised pages – Call to Actions e.g. Newsletter signup/form
  13. 13. How E-Commerce Site Works
  14. 14. Top Sales Channels1. Direct Traffic2. Search Engine Traffic3. Email Newsletter4. Referral Traffic (from other websites)5. Facebook6. Paid SEO Traffic (from Google AdWords)7. Other Social Media8. Paid SEO Traffic (from other Search Engines)9. Affiliates *source: www.irishecommercesurvey.com/
  15. 15. Types of E-Commerce Solutions• Hosted - e.g. Volution.com/Shopify.com. New to the market.• Out-of-the-box – e.g. OSCommerce/ZenCart. Integration with PayPal/basic product listing/categorisation etc. Typical solutions.• Bespoke – integration with Realex/batch payment processing/one page purchase/unique experiences
  16. 16. Tips• Design Once, Sell Everywhere• Create & Use Landing Pages with clear CTAs for each new online campaign to increase conversion rates• Use Tracking tags at the end of links for all sales channels to know which visitors came as part of which campaign
  17. 17. Tips• Analytics is key but only use it if you know what you want out of it – you can waste a lot of time otherwise• If you have a product to sell, look for affiliate websites to sell for you – can give good return for little effort• Less is more – keep content to a minimum, people are lazy, make decisions more quickly and they want the headlines first and then the option to read more
  18. 18. Discussion and Q & A• How do you sell your product/service online?• What works best for you?• Where do you think you need the most help?
  19. 19. Thanks Darach Cawleydarach@darockmedia.com 087 310 3171 www.DarockMedia.com