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PPC Keyword Hijacking Tactics


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Gain opportunistic traffic without hurting your brand. Here is a case study of the BA strike and 3 rules for a successful ppc keyword hijack.

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PPC Keyword Hijacking Tactics

  1. 1.   Magnus  Nilsson  
  2. 2. What  is  Keyword  Hijacking?   •  The  concept  of  ac4vely  targe4ng  high  volume   keywords  for  which  the  adver:ser  content  is  not   necessarily  directly  relevant   •  Typically  keywords  are  seasonal  or  trending   topics  on  hot  current  events   •  Benefits  are  high  volume  searches  at  possible  low   cost-­‐per-­‐click  (CPC)  due  to  low  compe::on    
  3. 3. Tools  of  the  Trade   •  Google  Trends   –  Hot  Searches   •  Real-­‐:me   –   –  (by  categories)   •  Trend  spoKng  and  News   *screenshot  from  
  4. 4. Meet  the  Hijackers   Arbitragers   Brands   Objec:ves   Cheap  traffic  to  drive  to  “thin”   Generate  brand  awareness  and   sites  consis:ng  mostly  of   new  business   adverts  or  a  simple  redirect  to   another  partner  that  pays  them   for  traffic   Challenges   Technically  achieve  high  volume   Choosing  the  right  opportuni:es  to   at  low  enough  CPC       avoid  damage  to  own  brand  
  5. 5. Let’s  focus  on  the  Brands!  
  6. 6. Case  Study:  The  Bri:sh  Airways  Strike   Photo  by  hJp://   Photo  by  hJp://  
  7. 7. What  happened   •  Bri:sh  Airways  union  planned  strike  ac:on   over  2009  winter  holidays,  which  could   possibly  impact  1.5  million  peoples  travel   plans   •  Massive  media  coverage  and   volume  searches  on  terms  such   as  “bri:sh  airways”  and  “ba  strike”   by  concerned  travelers      
  8. 8. The  Good,  the  Bad,  and  the  Ugly   •,  and    appeared  against  keywords   such  as  “ba  strike”   •  Is  this  a  great  opportunity  for  brand  building   and  sales?   Note.  Easy  jet  screenshot  is  from  Easter  2010  BA  strike,  and  used  for  illustra:ve  purposes  as  easyjet  also  ran  a  similar  advert  in  December  2009  but  no   screenshot  was  taken.    
  9. 9. The  Good   •  While  obviously  opportunis4c  and  an  effort  to   grab  Bri:sh  Airways  business  from  stranded   passengers,  it  s:ll  adds  value  by  offering  a   viable  alterna4ve  to  people  searching  for   informa:on  about  “ba  strike”     Note.  Easy  jet  screenshot  is  from  Easter  2010  BA  strike,  and  used  for  illustra:ve  purposes  as  easyjet  also  ran  a  similar  advert  in  December  2009  but  no   screenshot  was  taken.    
  10. 10. …The  Bad  (or  at  least  naughty)   •  A  brand  with  a  cheeky  and  irreverent  image   •  Have  u:lised  similar  hijacks  in  the  past  to  gain   aJen:on  and  press  coverage   •  Possibly  riskier  than  past  hijacks  considering   the  amount  of  people  impacted  and  stress   levels  due  to  possibility  of  not  seeing  friends   and  families  for  the  holidays    
  11. 11. …and  the  Ugly   •  The  wording  “strikes  s:nk”  shows  insensi:vity   with  the  worker’s  struggle  for  a  fairer  deal   •  The  flogging  of  cheap  perfume  as  a  subs:tute   to  a  Christmas  with  friends  and  family  is  highly   contrived  and  shows  insensi:vity  towards  the   would-­‐be  passengers  
  12. 12. Conclusion   The  Challenge:   •  Avoid  damage  to  the  brand  equity  that  has   been  carefully  built  up  over  many  years,  for   the  opportunis:c  chance  of  a  laugh,  eyeballs   or  short-­‐term  sales   •  The  decision  typically  need  to  be  made  within   minutes  or  hours  to  maximise  its  impact  
  13. 13. The  Thee  Rules  of  PPC  Hijacking   Always  be:   •  Sensi:ve   –  Show  respect  for  the  situa:on  and  anyone  impacted   •  Relevant   –  Provide  something  of  genuine  use  to  the  audience   •  On  Brand   –  Don’t  try  to  be  something  you’re  not  
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