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The first CommunicActions Planning Agency

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Magnus Mccoy Credentials

  1. 1. Magnus / McCoy Hispanic CommunicActions Planning Agency Born Oct, 2001
  2. 2. Who is Magnus McCoy? The first “ CommunicActions” planning agency.
  3. 3. Our name We needed to choose a name that demonstrates our belief around brands. Magnus McCoy
  4. 4. We believe that interesting brands, like interesting people, should be multi-dimensional. Our icons today have many sides to them; we admire them because they are multi-dimensional. To be held in the same regard, brands should behave the same way.
  5. 5. Just like a super hero, the alter ego (Magnus) of a common human beig (McCoy): Since we sensed the agitation of the new media channels, and the lack of confidence in the traditional models to communicate the Marketing, we prescribed the need to create our agency. As a need of virtuous conduct.
  6. 6. It also has another benefit, It sounds like a person’s name. Which enabled us to behave like a modern, multi-dimensional person. So we started doing what modern, multi-dimensional people do.
  7. 7. Magnus / McCoy A mashup that means mashup The extraordinary and the everyday. The powerful and the practical. The creative and the down-to-earth. The classic and the modern.
  8. 8. Our logo is a mashup too Multi-dimensional, a human figure acting as a beacon light, showing the right path through the vast horizons of marketing
  9. 9. We have a unique shared vision for the future of marketing. Marketing can move from something people try to avoid... Into something that people want, value and enjoy.
  10. 10. For that to happen, we needed to rethink marketing. For us, marketing is an opportunity to do things for people, not an excuse to say things to people. We rely on the term “Marketing as a service”
  11. 11. Our central belief: actions speak louder than words. We communicate with actions, not with words. That is why we are a “CommunicActions” agency. Consistently we found our actions far outperformed any words we could have created.
  12. 12. Businesses are moving, this is enabling a great transformation. It will no longer be enough to meet customer needs, or even to surpass customer needs. Businesses now need to create new possibilities . We’ve bet everything on a vision of the future. Not a vision of the future of planning, or communications, or media, or marketing. We placed a bet on the future of business.
  13. 13. Traditional agencies are segmented by medium. New trends have made expertise in any medium a commodity. More important than the medium an agency specializes in, is the way it approaches marketing opportunities. Our agency approaches these opportunities in three different ways Traditional agency models are not broken, they are just irrelevant.
  14. 14. (1) Planning approach Magnus planners want to create new experiences that excite our customers. They use creativity and intuition to imagine a more exciting way to comunicate things. Magnus takes responsibility for creating value for clients, not just briefs
  15. 15. (2) Storytelling approach These days, creating a successful campaign is the dream of every marketer and ad shop. So what's the trick? Obsession. Observation. Overkill. At Magnus Creating a campaign isn't like filming a 30-second spot and then sitting back and letting it run. It's a marathon, one that takes mastery of numerous media and the creativity to spin out a form of open-ended, multilayered, living entertainment that will keep an audience engaged for as long as possible
  16. 16. (3) Branded Content approach Traditional advertising is such an interruptive medium. But consumers are becoming increasingly deaf to the rants of the marketers. As a branded content agency we have a different approach. We create attractive, entertaining, often blistering content which draws the consumer in by engaging them with the sort of stuff they are genuinely interested in.
  17. 17. The end result: CommunicActions Planning This triple approach builds strategy into your products and develops actions rather than messages
  18. 18. What does Magnus do? We design ideas. Oftentimes a comprehensive plan that overall restructures a brand and its consumer experience. A brand and package redesign for instance, or a consumer communication strategy and an advertising campaign. It all depends on the needs of the client.
  19. 19. How does Magnus reach people ? Its about innovation, its about a unique approach tailored for a brand. “Find the real problem, and try something unexpected that creates a unique result.” From digital to packaging to changing business practices to social media, it varies by case.
  20. 20. Where does Magnus fit in? With a seamless structure. No walls between strategy and creativity in how we work or what we deliver. No part of the client’s business is out of bounds.
  21. 21. Our customers Who is our ideal client? A group of open minded people inside a progressive organization where boundaries between departments are cleared in order to better serve the consumer.
  22. 22. Address: Prol. Paseo de la Reforma #115 PH Col. Paseo de las Lomas, Mexico City, Mexico 01330 Tel. 50 04 04 63 Phone +52 (55) 50040463 [email_address]