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Real multi-channel with Magnolia: create once, use everywhere


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We are living in times of a new digital transformation, when just having websites is no longer enough. Content needs to be live and ready to go as fast as possible across multiple channels: web, mobile, apps. Consumers of content need to be engaged with social interaction, and they expect content to be constantly up-to-the-minute and consistent across the board. While the buzzwords have already moved on from “multi-channel” to “omni-channel”, editors are left with the difficult task of managing it all.

In this webinar, we will discuss some of the challenges of this revolution in more detail, and take a peek at possible solutions and ways in which a digital platform such as Magnolia can help you face those challenges. At the end of the webinar, you’ll have a better understanding of how to start solving these problems, and understand the pivotal role a CMS plays at the center of your customer experience.

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Real multi-channel with Magnolia: create once, use everywhere

  1. 1. Real multi-channel with Magnolia: create once, use everywhere Jan HaderkaAdriaan Bloem @adriaanbloem @rah003
  2. 2. Customer Experience Management
  3. 3. The Classic Funnel Source: Harvard Business Review, 2010
  4. 4. The Modern Customer Experience Journey Source: Harvard Business Review, 2010
  5. 5. Multiple Touchpoints
  6. 6. Multi-Channel
  7. 7. Standing out in a Forest
  8. 8. Single Source
  9. 9. Beautiful Leaves Everywhere
  10. 10. Getting back to the Roots
  11. 11. A Bit of History
  12. 12. The Good Old Days
  13. 13. What was a Content Management System? “A Content Management System separates content from design, stores it in a database, and displays it to visitors”
  14. 14. What is Content?
  15. 15. The Actual Content
  16. 16. The Actual Process
  17. 17. Your Channels
  18. 18. Success! …
  19. 19. So How do you Cope? COPE: “Create Once, Publish Everywhere” also known as “Single-Sourcing”
  20. 20. Managing Content is not about Blowing Leaves around
  21. 21. a Content Management System is a Tool to Help you Manage Content
  22. 22. Don’t Manage Pages
  23. 23. Structure Content: Beware of The Blob
  24. 24. Single Source
  25. 25. Build your own COPE?
  26. 26. “Simplified”
  27. 27. Now, It’s my turn!
  28. 28. Loads of information to handle Number of sources of content to feed from Deliver all processed content to many different devices and sites You’ve got
  29. 29. Personalise for all audiences Translate to different languages And do all that with increasingly high amounts of data at higher speed You need to
  30. 30. Unsplash / Maja Petric ✔ ✔ ✔ ✔ ✔ ✔ 30
  31. 31. Compartmentalise! use different apps with Magnolia
  32. 32. Compartmentalise! use different apps with Magnolia
  33. 33. Specialise! use different apps with Magnolia
  34. 34. More info ✔ Multi- lingual Ratings ✔ A rich experience at Specialise! use different apps with Magnolia
  35. 35. Integrate external sources! use different Magnolia connectors
  36. 36. PersonalizationAnalytics Commerce CRM www Mobile Site Newsletter Landing PageApp Integration/Inbound Multi-Channel OutboundMulti-Channel Outbound PersonalizationAnalytics Commerce CRM www Mobile Site Newsletter Landing PageApp 36
  37. 37. Integrate different systems processing data! use different Magnolia connectors
  38. 38. Marketing Cloud or CRM Magnolia Mail Behavioural Data Form Data Personalisation Data Data and Updates Email Replicator Form and Behavioural Data Scoring models, Programs, Campaigns, … Email Templates Content Forms Landing Pages Personalisat ion Targeted Content Mail Traffic
  39. 39. But I need to find all that content! use different search engine connectors in Magnolia
  40. 40. 40 Find all that content!
  41. 41. 41 Find all that content!
  42. 42. you might still use Magnolia to build pages, but start to rely on APIs and Endpoints in Magnolia to consume the content Disseminate all content
  43. 43. 43 Endpoints Properties Cache Commands Unsplash Nodes
  44. 44. 44 Flickr / Kenny Louie
  45. 45. Summary Use apps to categorise your content Use connectors to harvest processed data Use data manipulation APIs for data production and consumption
  46. 46. Soft- Layer Unsplash / Maja Integrations Google Analytics IBM Digital Analytic s AWSJelastic IBM Bluemix Groovy Spring LDAP /ADNTLM Alfresco Canto Cumulus Bright- cove Share- point Photo- shop Broad- Leaf KonaKart IBM Smarter Commer ce Salesfor ce SugarCR M Campai gn Click- density Eloqua Optimize ly Steelho use Atom /RSS AddThi s Facebook Flickr Share- This Twitter Apache Solr Apache OFBiz SAP Magento Rack- space Silverpop
  47. 47. Links to all resources Faceted Search Video: Magnolia CRM & Marketing Automation connectors: IBM Marketing Cloud Connector Oracle Eloqua Connector SugarCRM Connector Salesforce Connector Canto Cumulus Connector Amazon S3 Connector REST (consuming data): REST (exposing data to external apps): High Performance & Caching: