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Strategic Social Media


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Strategic Social Media

  1. 1. Strategic Advice for Foundations by Foundations #smtalk12 #SECF12
  2. 2. Roxanne Joffe, The Patterson Foundation – Moderator @RoxanneJoffe Roxanne is the communications lead for The Patterson Foundation. She is the founder and integrative strategist at MagnifyGood, a firm that accelerates change in the social sector through strategic communications and partnerships.#smtalk12 #SECF12
  3. 3. Circumstances and experiences vary Case studies are guides – not one size fits all #smtalk12 #SECF12Image via BusinssesGrow
  4. 4. #smtalk12 #SECF12Image via BusinssesGrow
  5. 5. Brooke Bailey, Sisters of Charity Foundation of South Carolina – Panelist @BrookeUSC @SCFSC Brooke is the Senior Director of Communications for Sisters of Charity Foundation of South Carolina, which works to address the needs of the poor and underserved in South Carolina.Ashley Mills, Council on Foundations – Panelist@COF_Ashley is the Director of Communications for the Council onFoundations in Washington, D.C. The Council is a national nonprofitassociation of more than 1,700 grantmaking foundations andcorporations. #smtalk12 #SECF12
  6. 6. Charity Perkins, The Duke Endowment – PanelistCharity is the Director of Communications for The DukeEndowment, which works to help people in North Carolina andSouth Carolina strengthen families by nurturingchildren, enriching minds, promoting health and enrichingspirits. Melissa Thompson, The Patterson Foundation – Panelist @melissathomps @magnifygood @ThePattersonFdn Melissa is the social media lead for The Patterson Foundation and Director of Social Innovation at MagnifyGood. #smtalk12 #SECF12
  7. 7. #smtalk12 #SECF12 Strategy
  8. 8. Social Media Survey82.5% 47% use social media at least once per dayUSE SOCIAL MEDIA of the 17% that never use social media, 60% anticipate using it in the future 70% feel comfortable or very 0 20 40 60 80 100 comfortablewith Facebook 90% have used social media toCOMPARED TO 24% advance the mission of their organization or program with Twitter
  9. 9. #smtalk12 #SECF12
  10. 10. #smtalk12 #SECF12 Leadership
  11. 11. Image via socialmediajedi blog #smtalk12 #SECF12 Training
  12. 12. #smtalk12 #SECF12 Crisis
  13. 13. #smtalk12 #SECF12 ROI and Metrics
  14. 14. #smtalk12 #SECF12 Audience Engagement