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Sun in Wunjo


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Birth runes and astrological rune information for those born in the half month of Wunjo (13th October - 28th October).

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Sun in Wunjo

  1. 1. Sun in Wunjo 13th October ~ 28th October Birth runes and runic astrology
  2. 2. Heroic Self Optimistic, joyful, friendly, loyal, trustworthy, loving, team-player, diplomatic, natural leader, articulate, insightful, visionary, Order and control can be hard to surrender but conflict and uncertainty are also essential components of evolution. Shadow
  3. 3. 19:30-20:30 is your power hour Earth and air are your elements Butterfly is your power animal Yellow, gold and indigo are your colours Diamond is your treasure Birth runes, runic astrology, reading the runes, rune magics