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Sun in Thurisaz


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Birth runes and astrological rune information for those born in the half month of Thurisaz (29th July - 13th August).

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Sun in Thurisaz

  1. 1. Sun in Thurisaz 29th July ~ 13th August BIRTHRUNES Birth runes and runic astrology
  2. 2. Heroic Self Brave, wilful, powerful, opinionated, warm, passionate, charismatic, unconventional, loving, instinctive, single-minded, protective, independent Unchanneled passion destroys within and without. The strength of your mind must match the might of your heart. Shadow
  3. 3. 14:30-15:30 is your power hour Fire is your element Serpent, wolf and bear are your power animals Purple, red, black and gold are your colours Sapphire is your treasure Birth runes, runic astrology, reading the runes, rune magics