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Sun in Fehu


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Birth runes and astrological rune information for those born in the half month of Fehu (29th June - 14th July). By Magin Rose

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Sun in Fehu

  1. 1. Sun in Fehu 29th June ~ 14th July BIRTHRUNES Birth runes and runic astrology
  2. 2. Heroic Self Generous, magically gifted, glamorous, creative, warm, graceful, charming, lucky, sensual, nurturing Beware the curse of the dragon by avoiding jealousy and attachment to wealth and possessions Shadow
  3. 3. 12:30-13:30 is your power hour Fire and earth are your elements Dragon, cow, serpent, sow, cat, wolf are your power animals Light red, green and gold are your colours Amber, gold and moss agate are your treasures Birth runes, runic astrology, reading the runes, rune magics