10 Vital Tips to Make Sure Your Ecommerce Site is Holiday Ready


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When the holidays approach, it's imperative your Ecommerce website is able to handle the increased flow of traffic, customer service issues and is optimized towards the holiday season. The time from Thanksgiving to even past New Year's Day is essential for storefront owners.

This slide deck was taken from an original webinar we gave detailing 10 Tips, including the following:

1). Create an initial site checklist
2). Quick load time for pages
3). Optimize copy and make your site holiday oriented
4). Your site should be responsive/mobile adaptive
5). Optimize your checkout
6). Optimize user experience/buying process
7). Feature holiday blog content
8). Run email campaigns
9). Integrate social media
10). Use proper data and analytics

We dive more into each of these headings in the webinar. Make sure your storefront is ready for the holiday season!

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10 Vital Tips to Make Sure Your Ecommerce Site is Holiday Ready

  1. 1. 1). Create an Initial Site Checklist Have site ready as soon as possible Make sure teams, service partners can handle holiday traffic Make sure site is secure Have graphics ready before the Holiday rush
  2. 2. 2). Quick Load Time For Pages Pages need to load in <2 seconds Customers won’t wait around
  3. 3. 3). Optimize Copy and Make Site Holiday Oriented Proper SEO is important for your Ecommerce Site Implement a Holiday SEO Strategy
  4. 4. 3). Optimize Copy and Make Site Holiday Oriented SEO Guidelines Product descriptions should be accurate Avoid duplicate content Regularly add content
  5. 5. 4). Your Site Should be Responsive/Mobile Adaptive Know the difference between responsive/mobile adaptive If your site isn’t responsive, make it happen ASAP Think about connection speed Don’t ignore mobile SEO
  6. 6. 5). Optimize Your Checkout Feature one-page checkout Accept multiple forms of payment Make sure your site is secure
  7. 7. 6). Optimize User Experience/Buying Process Have proper site usability Breadcrumbs Easy navigation Custom design
  8. 8. 6). Optimize User Experience/Buying Process Enhance the buying experience Multiple quality images Thorough and correct product descriptions Virtual fitting rooms Design your own product features
  9. 9. 7). Feature Holiday Blog Content Integrate holiday themes within blog Use keyword rich topics Blog should be relevant to the holiday/products
  10. 10. 8). Run Email Campaigns Marketing Automation tools like Marketo help track leads and integrate Marketing/Sales Have a separate campaign geared towards existing customers Remarketing reduces the effects of shopping cart abandonment
  11. 11. 9). Integrate Social Media Run contests when applicable If possible, promote user-generated content
  12. 12. 10). Use Proper Data and Analytics Reduces abandonment Drives retention Creates loyal customers Collect as much data as possible for onsite product discover and personalized/targeted campaigns
  13. 13. Thank you for attending! MagicLogix.com Twitter.com/MagicLogix Facebook.com/MagicLogix Slideshare.com/MagicLogix