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Urban Standard - 2010 brunch menu


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Urban Standard - 2010 brunch menu

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Urban Standard - 2010 brunch menu

  1. 1. lai! ? Ilmu smu@- BRUNCH MENU A| | items 57.00 Braised Pork Hash Braisedpork sboulder; Fuji apples, _ñiedpotatoes and egg Urban Shrimp 8: Grits Gulf shrimp, roasted redpeppers and searedgrits Eggs Benedetto House 'made _foccaciza Fudge Farms bem, _fiied egg and romesco Quiche Bacon, onion, goat cheese, Frittata Articboke, _fêta and spinach Autumn Vegetable Salad Butternut squasb, parsmps, sweet potato, bacon, *walnuts and balsamic *vinzngretto