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Maghrenov workshop-on-capacity-building-eu-mpc-macarena-munoz-medspring


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Maghrenov workshop-on-capacity-building-eu-mpc-macarena-munoz-medspring

  1. 1. MAGHRENOV  Workshop  on  Capacity  Building  EU-­‐MPC   Barcelona,  19th  June  2014       Capacity  Building  in  MEDSPRING       Macarena  Muñoz  
  2. 2.  Capacity  building  in  MEDSPRING     •  Euro-­‐Mediterranean   bi-­‐regional   dialogue   on   selected   societal   challenges   •  Euro-­‐Mediterranean  cooperation  on  R&I   •  Capacity  building   •  EMEG   Mediterranean  Science,  Policy,  Research  and  Innovation  Gateway*   •  MEDSPRING   AGORA   -­‐   Dialogue   with   civil   society,   research   WEB   communities,  supports  innovative  ideas  from  young  entrepreneurs  /   researchers   *From  Feb  2013!  
  3. 3.  Capacity  building  in  MEDSPRING     International  Organisation  (CIHEAM,  Co-­‐ordinator)     Research  Ministries  Research  Councils     Research  organisations  /  Universities  NGOs  and  Associations   MS:  Italy,  Spain,  Germany,  Portugal,  France,  Greece,  Malta,  Cyprus,  Belgium     Mediterranean  Countries  associated  to  FP7:  Turkey,  Israel     Mediterranean  Countries  non-­‐associated:  Algeria,  Tunisia,  Morocco,   Egypt,  Lebanon,  Palestine,  Jordan   MEDSPRING  Partnership  
  4. 4.  Capacity  building  in  MEDSPRING  9  WORKPACKAGES   WP4:  RI  open  dialogue.  The  Euro-­‐Mediterranean  Agora   WP5:   Brokerage   and   venturing   for   innovation   and   EU-­‐MPC  research  networking  and  cooperation   WP7:  Capacity  building  in  RDI  
  5. 5.  Capacity  building  in  MEDSPRING       Platform  to  stimulate  participation  and  discussion  of   civil  society  and  stakeholders  on  R&I  accounting  for   the  selected  societal  challenges   •  Increasing  knowledge  exchange  with  the  Euro-­‐Med  civil  society   and  community     •  Enhancing   participatory   democracy   in   addressing   research   linked  to  the  selected  societal  challenges   •  Fostering  awareness  of  the  role  of  the  society  in  contributing  to   policy   process   and   outcome   (ex.:   publication   of   a   fully   participated  Position  Paper)   WP4:  Open  dialogue  on  RI  –  The  Euro-­‐Mediterranean  AGORA  
  6. 6.  Capacity  building  in  MEDSPRING       …  How  does  MEDSPRING  stimulate  the  participation?   2  recent  examples:       •  The  Open  Consultations  before  the  EMEG  Meetings   •  The  Brokerage  Events  
  7. 7.  Capacity  building  in  MEDSPRING     An  open  consultation  is  a  participative  instrument  to   open  the  decision-­‐making  process  to  all  those  willing  to   get  involved.       Its  main  objective  is  to  listen  to  often  unheard  voices   and  make  good  use  of  them:  it  is  a  first  step  towards  a   participative  democracy.   Ex.  1  -­‐  The  Open  Consultation  
  8. 8.  Capacity  building  in  MEDSPRING     EMEG  Meeting  aimed  at  developing  a  common  frame  of  topics  to   be  addressed  for  research  valorization  in  Water,  Food,  and  Energy.                   EMEG   departed   from   the   results   obtained   through   the   Open   Consultation:   its   results   were   highly   valued   by   the   EMEG   experts   and  contributed  positively  to  enrich  the  discussion.  
  9. 9.  Capacity  building  in  MEDSPRING­‐policies-­‐consultation   New  Open  Consultation!!  
  10. 10.  Capacity  building  in  MEDSPRING     WP5:  Brokerage  and  venturing  for  innovation  and  EU-­‐MPC   research  networking  and  cooperation   1.  Brokerage  to  strengthen  cooperation  among  researchers,   SME  and  other  stakeholders.       Facilitate   networking   and   partnership   cooperation   to   participate  in  EU  research  and  innovation  programmes  as   well  as  MS/AC  and  MPC  programmes.     2.  Brokerage  and  venturing  for  innovation    bridging  between   R&I   through   the   creation   of   private-­‐public   and   research-­‐ enterprise  partnerships,  bridging  also  local  and  regional  actors,   helping   them   to   join   forces   and   enhance   clustering   for   innovation.  
  11. 11.  Capacity  building  in  MEDSPRING     Feb   2014:   Regional   Euro-­‐Mediterranean   event   where   companies,  organizations,  entrepreneurs  and  researchers   from   different   EU   and   Mediterranean   countries   participate   with   the   aim   of   networking   and   finding   potential   collaborators  and  partners.       BEFORE:   15   participants   –“idea   carriers”–   were   selected   and   invited   to   present   their   ideas   to   potential   investors   and   discuss   further   developments   with   other   researchers   and   stakeholders  during  the  brokerage  event.   Ex.  2  -­‐  The  Brokerage  Events  
  12. 12.  Capacity  building  in  MEDSPRING     Ex.  2  -­‐  The  Brokerage  Events   AGORA  web   community   Publication  of   call  for   innovative   ideas   Selection  of   idea-­‐carriers   Pitching  and   training  of   idea-­‐carriers   Face-­‐to-­‐face   meetings  with   investors   Follow-­‐up   and   preparation  of   next   brokerage   MEDSPRING  Agora   accompanied  idea-­‐ carriers  from  proposal   to  brokerage  
  13. 13.  Capacity  building  in  MEDSPRING     WP7:  Capacity  building  in  RDI   Sharing   knowledge   on   R&I   issues   among   participants   while   encouraging  them  to  participate  in  HORIZON  2020     The  programme  will  have  a  trans-­‐national  dimension,  and  will  be   based   on   the   concept   of   training   for   trainers   and   on   the-­‐job-­‐ training.       The   training   will   be   addressed   to   researchers   (including   young   graduates),   technology   driven   SMEs,   governmental   officers,   FP   national  contact  points  and  thematic  contact  points.     The   capacity   building   activities   will   take   into   consideration   the   identified  clusters  and  community  of  the  MEDSPRING  Agora  
  14. 14.  Capacity  building  in  MEDSPRING     Max.   6     3-­‐days   training   sessions   for   max   15   participants/session.   Online  capacity  building  will  also  be  considered  .    Specific  activities   addressed   to   the   improvement   and   extension   of   FP7-­‐Thematic   Contact  Points     The  participants  will  be  identified  through  the  country  institutional   partner  participating  in  the  project  for  the  HORIZON  2020  trainings.       For   innovation   trainings   an   application   procedure   will   be   tested,   which   is   open   to   selected   innovation   stakeholders   with   a   special   profile.   WP7:  Capacity  building  in  RDI  
  15. 15.  Capacity  building  in  MEDSPRING     Training  on  H2020  for  Mediterranean  NCPs,  research  managers  and   researchers,  Marrakesh  from  11th  to  13th  of  June.   WP7:  Capacity  building  in  RDI  
  16. 16.  Capacity  building  in  MEDSPRING     More  information     MEDSPRING  Website     AGORA  MEDSPRING  Website       —  Agora  MedSpring  on  Twitter:   —  Agora  MedSpring  on  Facebook:   —  Agora  MedSpring  on  Linkedin:  
  17. 17.  Capacity  building  in  MEDSPRING     Thanks  for  your  attention!