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simple constructions with origami

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  1. 1. ORIGAMI Japanese art of paper-folding To create a unit origami model, we build 2 or more units that are identical and put them together without using glue.
  2. 2. Materials Needed for each learner  8 squares of origami paper- 4 each of 2 different colours or 2 each of 4 different colours.  Origami journal Activity : In pairs or individually
  3. 3. FOLDING INSTRUCTIONS AND QUESTIONS  1. Fold the paper in half and unfold
  4. 4.  2. Rotate the paper 900 . Fold in half and unfold.
  5. 5.  3. Fold the top 2 corners down.  How does the area of the pentagon compare to the area of the original square?
  6. 6.  4. Fold the green sides together on the diagonals indicated on the diagram. Crease only to the middle the square
  7. 7.  5. Rotate the piece 900 and fold in half.
  8. 8.  6. Push the fold to the inside so that a parallelogram is formed. You have completed one of the units for the octagon star. Now make 7 more identical units
  9. 9.  7 What are the measures of each angle of the parallelogram? Explain how you know.
  10. 10. ASSEMBLY INSTRUCTIONS  1. Pick up 2 different coloured units. Insert the short side of one unit between the long folded edges of the other unit.  2. Hook the parallelograms together by tucking in the tails.  3. Connecting the parallelograms together until you have formed and octagon
  11. 11.  4. Slide the pieces of the octagon together until an 8-pointed star is formed. If your units do not slide easily, then check to see that when you tucked in the last two tails, both were not locked over the centre piece but folded over the edges.
  12. 12. EXPLORING YOUR MODEL  1. Without measuring , determine the measure of each angle in the pentagon of your octagon ring.  2. Determine the measure of each of the angles of the quadrilaterals in the inside octagon. What kind of quad. do you see?  3. Describe the rotational and reflective symmetries of the octagon ring and the octagon star. Are they the same or different?  Describe the relationship between the parm. in the completed octagon star and the star-building unit.