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Open Educational Resources


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Pros and Cons of OER

Published in: Education
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Open Educational Resources

  1. 1. Open Educational Resources The Pros and Cons Maggie McKinney
  2. 2. Why OER is Beneficial • Accessibility – OERs provide a wide range of materials, in a broad set of subjects to anyone wanting to learn no matter their economic status, social situation, or geographic location. • Cost – Learners can access knowledge previously without the burden of high text book costs. Faculty can provide quality resources from a broad range of sources without having to spend money to obtain them. • Open Source Mentality – As information evolves and changes and as more educators hone the content, richer, more comprehensive content can be offered.
  3. 3. What are the Challenges • Quality – Without a way to ensure that all OER materials are providing accurate information in a way that is conducive to learning low quality materials can easily be mistake for high quality materials. • Funding – Because these resources are “free”, there is a question of the economic sustainability of providing these resources. • Overwhelm – Without proper organization, learners and educators alike could experience “too many choices” and quit due to overwhelm or not knowing where to begin.