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The powerpoint presentation from my session at the SBTDC Professional Development conference in Greensboro, NC on November 18, 2010. This discussion covered a broad range of topics on how social media can be utilized by businesses to increase ROI, brand involvement & awareness. Topics included basics of using major social media platforms, how to develop your SM marketing strategy, and how to start gauging your ROI from online efforts.

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  • Key words in this definition are:
    Social interaction
    Highly accessible

    All of these points reinforce the fact that social media is not a broadcast system, it’s a conversation

    A dialoge.
  • Now we understand the different social media sites and how they work

    Next you have to understand what they are used for and how.

    Each of the social sites we’ve shown has a theme or a goal intertwined. Therefore, they each attract a specific crowd of users. You’re goal is to find out which ones are also your target market.

    This can be either demographics of the users specifically, topics of conversation on the site,

    At the end of the day the best way to know where you’re audience is is always to just ASK them!

  • Twitter speak:
    tweeple: Twitter people, Twitter members, Twitter users.
    tweeps: Twitter people that follow each other from one social media/network to another.
    tweet(ing): the act of posting to Twitter.
    tweets: posts on Twitter by twitterers.

    twaiting: twittering while waiting.
    twalking: walking while twittering via text

    Internet Memes
    A meme (pronounced /ˈmiːm/, rhyming with "cream"[1]) is a postulated unit of cultural ideas, symbols or practices, which can be transmitted from one mind to another through writing, speech, gestures, rituals or other imitable phenomena. 

    “I like it on the…” (Facebook)
    Doppelganger Week – celebrity look alike as your profile pic (Facebook)
    Charlotte: Disco Chicken
    ICanHasCheeseburger = lolspeak
  • @comcastcares
  • (
  • NoFizzCLT

    Facebook engagement with consumers
    Conversations before promotions
    News/updates (recalls)
    Feeds social sites

    Twitter – ONE TRACK MIND
    Youtube (commercials and fun “unofficial”)
    Facebook (fan page with unique offers)
  • Your boss doesn’t want to know how many visitors you had or how many times you were re-tweeted unless you can directly related that back to a number in his ledger.

    Website visitors
    Coupons distributed
    Youtube views
    Customer complaints
    Social mention
  • 1.
    4. visitors, store traffic, positive vs negative mentions, blog comments, blog visits,

    Bitly is a URL shortener
    Analytics programs let you add parameters on your URL
    Shows up as a referring link from twitter in your site’s analytics
  • Transactional data should be specific
    Frequency – how often did transactions happen?
    Reach – how many new customers
    Yield - How much did they spend?
  • Retail store traffic
    Site visitors
    Blog comments
    Click throughs

    Find out if your brand is taken across a number of social sites quickly
  • Maggie Hyde - Social media for businesses

    1. 1. Social Media for Businesses “Social media is a tool, it's not a religion - there are no real rules and everyone is learning on the job.” @ducttape
    2. 2. Going Social 1. Understand social media 2. Find your audience & listen 3. Plan & create your message (Case studies) 4. Dive in! 5. Review and assess 1/29/2015 2Flying Bridge Technologies
    3. 3. DEFINED AND EXPLAINED Understand Social Media 1/29/2015 3Flying Bridge Technologies
    4. 4. Definition: Social media • are media for social , using & scalable publishing techniques. • uses web-based technologies to 1/29/2015 4Flying Bridge Technologies interaction highly accessible turn communication into interactive dialogues.
    5. 5. put another way… 1/29/2015 5Flying Bridge Technologies
    6. 6. Twitter “The best way to discover what’s new in your world” Evolution of the platform: “What are you doing?”  “What’s happening?” • 140 characters • User accounts are signified with an @ – @MaggieHyde – @FlyingBridge 1/29/2015 6Flying Bridge Technologies
    7. 7. Twitter • Tweets – Public general statements • @ Replies – Public messages to, for, or about an individual • Direct messages (DM) – private @ replies between you and the recipient • Hashtags (#) – used to create index-able and search-able content 1/29/2015 7Flying Bridge Technologies
    8. 8. Twitter Stats – Twitter has over 105,779,710 registered users – There are over 300 new users a day – Twitter receives 180 million unique visitors a month – 37% of users update their status through a mobile phone – 55% female, 45% male (april 2010 - quantcast) – 50 million tweets a day (april 2010 - comscore) 1/29/2015 8Flying Bridge Technologies
    9. 9. Facebook “Facebook helps you connect & share with the people in your life.” Types of Accounts • Profile – personal or individual account. • Group – public forum that has central point of interest • Page – account that represents a thought, brand, or entity 1/29/2015 9Flying Bridge Technologies
    10. 10. Facebook • Photo sharing • Video sharing • Link sharing • News updates • Location updates • Games • Event calendar 1/29/2015 10Flying Bridge Technologies
    11. 11. Facebook Stats – More than 400 million active users on Facebook – 50% of active users log on in any given day – The average user on Facebook has 130 friends – 500 billion minutes per month on Facebook – More than 100 million active users currently accessing Facebook on mobile devices 1/29/2015 11Flying Bridge Technologies
    12. 12. LinkedIn “Relationships Matter” • Your profile is your: – resume letter – references document – database of contacts – your personal brand • Import contacts from your email address book • Follow connections to link with other people. • Offer recommendations • Start conversations! 1/29/2015 12Flying Bridge Technologies
    13. 13. LinkedIn Stats – There are more than 60 million registered users on LinkedIn as of Feb. 2010 (techcrunch) – 7.7 million unique monthly visitors a year – When launched in 2003 it took 477 days to reach the first million members …the last million members took 12 days. 1/29/2015 13Flying Bridge Technologies
    14. 14. Foursquare “ Check in. Find your friends. Unlock your city” • It’s a game • Use mobile platform to “check-in” to a venue or location. • Earn badges & mayorships, get tips and information, win rewards from businesses • Make new friend and connections as well as locate old ones 1/29/2015 14Flying Bridge Technologies
    15. 15. Foursquare Stats – 1 year old on March 2010 • Foursquare has more than half a million users • 1.4 million venues • 15.5 million checkins – The site’s number-one referrer is Facebook accounting for 33% of upstream visits in a week. 1/29/2015 15Flying Bridge Technologies
    16. 16. Yelp “Yelp is the fun and easy way to find and talk about great (and not so great) local businesses” • Create a user profile • Write reviews and create listings for businesses you’ve interacted with • Read and get reviews and recommendations from other users 1/29/2015 16Flying Bridge Technologies
    17. 17. Yelp Stats – 25 million daily unique visits in august 2009 – As of August 2010, more than 38 million people visited Yelp in the past 30 days – Yelpers have written over 12 million local reviews • 83% of them rating a business 3 stars or higher 1/29/2015 17Flying Bridge Technologies
    18. 18. YouTube “Join the largest worldwide video-sharing community!” • Search and browse videos to watch • Share videos you like • Create and upload your own videos • Create channels and video playlists 1/29/2015 18Flying Bridge Technologies
    19. 19. Youtube Stats – 2nd largest search engine after Google after passing yahoo in 2008 – More than 2 billion views a day – 24 hours of video uploaded every minute – Average person spends 15 min a day on the site – USA internet users watched 32.4 videos in January 2010 and Youtube accounted for nearly 99% of them 1/29/2015 19Flying Bridge Technologies
    20. 20. RESEARCH & STUDY Find your audience & listen 1/29/2015 20Flying Bridge Technologies
    21. 21. How to find your target audience – Listen to the current users • • Google Updates • Read up on SM News – Try out the sites – Research the demographics • – Ask your audience 1/29/2015 21Flying Bridge Technologies
    22. 22. 1/29/2015 22Flying Bridge Technologies
    23. 23. 1/29/2015 23Flying Bridge Technologies
    24. 24. 1/29/2015 24Flying Bridge Technologies
    25. 25. 1/29/2015 25Flying Bridge Technologies
    26. 26. Learn the language • Twitter speak • Internet memes • Social media norms – Here is a guide to social media etiquette • Spam rules 1/29/2015 26Flying Bridge Technologies
    27. 27. PLANNING & STRATEGIES Creating your message 1/29/2015 27Flying Bridge Technologies
    28. 28. Who will you be? • Person vs Figure Head • Brand vs Company • Individual vs Group 1/29/2015 28Flying Bridge Technologies
    29. 29. What is your message? – PR – Company News – Deals – Industry News – Humanization – Giveaways, promotions, encourage usage – Brand exposure – Brand community 1/29/2015 29Flying Bridge Technologies ??
    30. 30. What do you do when… – How will you handle negative exposure? – Can you handle a surge of feedback, visits, etc… – What if people aren’t responding? – How will you engage people? – How are you tracking and using feedback? 1/29/2015 30Flying Bridge Technologies
    31. 31. Case Studies: Twitter • Duke Energy – News and Industry related information • ComCast – Public Relations • JetBlue – Customer Service A good Twitter Strategy is one that is receptive to what your followers want. 1/29/2015 31Flying Bridge Technologies
    32. 32. Twitter How are you using Twitter? 1/29/2015 32Flying Bridge Technologies
    33. 33. Case Studies: Foursquare • McAllisters Deli – Free lunch to the mayor on Mondays • Starbucks – nationwide mayor specials • BART San Francisco Transportition – Created a badge that earns you a chance to win $25 promo tickets each month for 3 months to randomly chosen riders • The History Channel – created tips for when you check in 1/29/2015 33Flying Bridge Technologies
    34. 34. Foursquare Do you have an example? 1/29/2015 34Flying Bridge Technologies
    35. 35. Case Studies: Facebook Coca-Cola PROS: – Branded and multi-media rich landing page – Unique picture that stands out – Wall full of user posts, not brand posts CONS: – little to know visible interaction with user base 1/29/2015 35Flying Bridge Technologies
    36. 36. Case Studies: Comprehensive • NoFizzCLT • Britax • Sharpie Permanent Markers 1/29/2015 36Flying Bridge Technologies
    37. 37. Challenges Engagement doesn’t create customers – Does create consumers • Brand advocates • Brand loyalty • Educated consumers • Brand awareness The Solution: Set clear & attainable goals that are based on your market and your strategy 1/29/2015 37Flying Bridge Technologies
    38. 38. Challenges • Time management – Implementing any strategy takes time & man- power – Dashboards and aggregation tools can help • Hootsuite • Tweetdeck • SproutSocial – Integrated social media platforms – Utilize as many resources as you can internally How do you manage your Social Media time? 1/29/2015 38Flying Bridge Technologies
    39. 39. Challenges • Quantifying your efforts – New tools are being developed every day • Twitter has just released their own free analytics! – Integrate with your offline leads systems – Trackable links and phone numbers – Analytics reporting 1/29/2015 39Flying Bridge Technologies
    40. 40. 1/29/2015 Flying Bridge Technologies 40
    41. 41. Challenges Generating Content…. - when you plan this is no longer an issue! - content should be inspired by your engagement with users 1/29/2015 41Flying Bridge Technologies
    42. 42. MEASURE YOUR EFFORTS Review and assess 1/29/2015 42Flying Bridge Technologies
    43. 43. What to measure Non-financial impact is not ROI (yet) But it does show potential for $ 1/29/2015 Flying Bridge Technologies 43
    44. 44. ROI by Olivier Blanchard Step 1: Establish your baseline to track changes 1/29/2015 44Flying Bridge Technologies
    45. 45. ROI by Olivier Blanchard Step 2: Create activity timelines 1/29/2015 Flying Bridge Technologies 45
    46. 46. ROI by Olivier Blanchard Step 3: Look at sales revenue, transactions, new customers 1/29/2015 Flying Bridge Technologies 46
    47. 47. Step 4: Measure transactional precursors 1/29/2015 Flying Bridge Technologies 47
    48. 48. Step 5: Overlay all timelines 1/29/2015 Flying Bridge Technologies 48
    49. 49. Step 6 & 7: Look for patterns & prove relationships 1/29/2015 Flying Bridge Technologies 49
    50. 50. Conclusion “Provide them value and become a trusted friend and this relationship building will convert into sales and evangelism for your company.” Matt Wilson, cofounder of 1/29/2015 50Flying Bridge Technologies
    51. 51. Minimum Requirements • Understand how your constituents use (or don’t use) social media • Own your brand – • Have a plan • Be unique HAVE FUN! 1/29/2015 Flying Bridge Technologies 51
    52. 52. Thank you! Maggie Hyde Maggie Hyde 1/29/2015 52Flying Bridge Technologies