Virtuemart extensions virtuemart order management


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Virtuemart Extensions | Virtuemart Product for Joomla Virtuemart Shops and you can download, install all our Virtuemart extensions within 5 minutes

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Virtuemart extensions virtuemart order management

  1. 1. Virtuemart is the leading Joomla ecommerce extensions, and we have to write a long list in order to mention its powerful functions. However, one of the weaknesses of Virtuemart is Order Management Process which is lack of support for Invoice Creation, Batch Invoice Generation, Admin Order Creation… Many Virtuemart shop owner feel exhausted when receiving an offline order via phone and email but cannot find a way to create this order and issue a PDF invoice to clients. Updating the invoice layout is also a job that cannot be done with almost Virtuemart users.
  2. 2. Now with Virtuemart Order Management from, the entire above problem comes to the past. Virtuemart Order Management Features: Developed as a Virtuemart add-on which is attached 100% into Virtuemart core menu to simplify the usage ( other same type of product is separate component and make difficult to use and navigate) Create new Virtuemart order via Virtuemart admin panel (function that lack from core Virtuemart component and default function) which full order information: + order status (pending, confirmed by shopper, confirmed, cancelled, refunded, shipped) + can update order status to each of products in case an order have more than 1 products with different order status + notify buyer via email (optional) + chose vendor + chose currency + chose current product from product list (using ajax search to instant search product keyword or name) + input product quantity, product price, product tax, products discount, change product name, product SKU if want + select tax, select shipping and handling fee + input & change shipping fee, payment fee, discount fee, total cost + refresh and re-calculate all the updates and cost number + input order custom note + select and apply the type of shipping
  3. 3. + select and apply the type of payment + select the shopper information from the current customer list in Virtuemart Joomla user database which is automatically call in all related information ( name, username, address, billing information, address, contact + add new buyer information + automatically create new account for new order Manage list of Virtuemart order, search and filter orders by many optional fields like: order time, order status, order ID, email of buyer, name of buyer, Invoice No… ( as you know the default order filter of Virtuemart panel is too simple and can not meet our requirement during search and filter many orders) Create PDF invoices IN BATCH for many orders at 1 click. + Filter / Search order to create PDF invoice + Choose to create PDF invoice base on check list of order search results ( which you can select by hand pick ) or base on Order matching filter ( which is automatically applied) Choose PDF invoice action base on many options: + Download all PDF invoice in to your computer + Send email invoice automatically to buyer (also can chose to re-send to already sent) + Create invoice number only (automatically) + Create PDF invoice for order not yet having PDF invoice (Pre-generate PDF) or also issue again to orders which already having PDF invoice + Change / Update order status in batch (chose to notify buyers or not) + Delete created invoices
  4. 4. Advance Invoice Template Customization (you knew there is no choice for editing Virtuemart invoice template in default Virtuemart function) + drag and drop each of template fields to add or to remove or to re-arrange these field in your own invoice template + edit each of the fields elements (font size, width, align, text color, background color) right inside the template editor Interface user friendly 100% Virtuemart Extension, no Virtuemart hacks! Send PDF Invoice as e-mail attachment Send PDF Invoices as email attachments in batch Export invoices list in PDF document Customize sending invoice: e-mail sender account Virtuemart Order Management Benefits: Save time to processing order: Save your time transforming e-commerce orders into invoices which gives you options that Virtuemart cannot. It will improve business workflow on a daily basis. Quick update order status: With the "Status" column in the information table, many order status can be updated just by one click without refreshing the page. So you can save time in the orders and invoices overview. Automatic Create PDF invoices: When your customer purchase product from website font-end and confirm his order, one email and invoice is created and send to them automatically, so you no need do anything. Quick export any document: The batch action bar allows smart filter and batch processing multi order at the same time.
  5. 5. Easily customize order: You can adjustable invoice appearance with custom fields available. No need calculator, just enter edit content, system will automatic recalculate: Automatic Tax update when the location changes with Ajax Interface user friendly: No need configuration too much, you can easy use component to filter order, batch order or create new order… Virtuemart extensions - Joomla templates - Develop by Cmsmart Read More: Professional : Virtuemart Extensions - Virtuemart 2 Extensions - Free Virtuemart Extensions - Virtuemart Templates - Virtuemart 2 Templates - Virtuemart Templates Free - Free Virtuemart Templates - Free Virtuemart 2 Template - One Page Checkout For Virtuemart We try to develiver more than 2 Virtuemart templates per month and always develop new Virtuemart extensions. New release will be notified via our blog.
  6. 6. Our CEO spend most of his time to research designs and e-commercial operations for our new Virtuemart templates. This ensure the best stylish and effective template solution for your end-users. Our next plan is to use Gantry Framework for our Joomla templates and your Virtuemart templates also enjoy these powerfull features of this framework.