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Magento Quick View Extension

  1. 1. Virtuemart extensions - Joomla templates - Magento Theme - Magento Extensions Read More: Professional : Virtuemart Extensions -Magento Theme - Magento Extensions Virtuemart 2 Extensions - Free Virtuemart Extensions - Virtuemart Templates - Virtuemart 2 Templates - Virtuemart Templates Free - Free Virtuemart Templates - Free Virtuemart 2 Template - One Page Checkout For Virtuemart We try to develiver more than 2 Virtuemart templates per month and always develop new Virtuemart extensions. New release will be notified via our blog. Our CEO spend most of his time to research designs and e-commercial operations for our new Virtuemart templates. This ensure the best stylish and effective template solution for your end-users. Our next plan is to use Gantry Framework for our Joomla templates and your Virtuemart templates also enjoy these powerfull features of this framework. Many shoppers want to have a quick review of product detail when they are browsing the product listing page. The Quick view function will not only reduce the shopping time but also will bring the convenient experience to shopper. Your Magento website should have this function as core feature. Product Quick View Magento extension is a perfect solution to minimize the time spent by customers on your site when they click on any product to view its details. So now customers do not have to go back and forth on category listing and product pages as many times as they click on any product. Instead, this Magento extension displays the necessary product information to customers in a lightbox once they click on Quick View icon by hovering over any product image.
  2. 2. From, we develop excellent Magento Quicklook as Magento module, it is not a template hack, so you can install into your current Magento website, and using Quick View feature immediately. Magento Quick View extension is a great feature that enhances user experience while browsing your store. Magento Quick View prevents user from reloading pages to see the full description and allows them to instantly buy the product without wasting time and risking to leave due to slow page loading. When a description is too long the slider is used to manage it.
  3. 3. Quickview Features Front-end: On the Frontend, once any customer ‘mouse over’ any product, an icon with custom title (configurable from backend) such as Quick View appears at the middle of the product while the image fades out irrespective of any view type such as grid or list view. When customer click Quick View Icon, there appears quickly a Window with product information such as product images ( with zoomer ), product information, product attributes, product prices, product reviews, add to cart button, add to wishlist button, link to compare view, link to product detail page and so. We arrange these sections of information by beautiful tabs. Customers can quickly add products to cart and Whishlist from the Product popup. This makes browsing products easier and faster, which encourages sales. Customers can quickly add products to cart and Whishlist from the Product popup. This makes browsing products easier and faster, which encourages sales. Back end The information that is displayed on the Product popup such as product reviews, short description, Add to cart and Wishlist links, and previous next buttons are completely configurable from the backend. You can adjust the width and height of Quickview window You can turn on / off review, add to cart button, footer links, detail product description You can upload another loading icon to replace the default loading icon You can change the background color, Quickview border color, background opacity and the position of Quickview window Change the size of product main images and size of product screenshot More Features of Magento Quick view Extension: - Magento Quick View extension quickly add products to Cart and Wishlist from the product popup - Magento Quick View extension supports all product types of Magento -- simple, configurable, grouped, bundle, virtual, and downloadable!
  4. 4. - Magento Quick View extension integrate seamlessly with your current Magento template -- If you have modified your product page, the Quick View page can oftentimes show the product according to the modifications. Even when it cannot, all you need to do is update the layout file -- it's very simple! - Magento Quick View extension simple and easy to use configuration settings - Magento Quick View extension can automatically get the Add to cart button of your current website template to match Quickview style with your current Magento template. - You can set custom title for Quick View button - Set custom color for the product image on mouse over - Configure what information is to be shown on Product popup such as review, short description, - Elegant display of Product’s popup - Add to cart and Wishlist links - Add product to cart - Ability show QuickShop button on all product grids, product widgets, product blocks not only the product category pages. - Supports all major browsers - Easily configure the width of the quick view window - Easy 10 minutes installation - No core hacks, can be install like Magento Extension, un-install if need - Developed to work fine with any third-party themes and third-party Magento Extensions - Nice designed extension. - Support all magento from 1.4.x, 1.5.x, 1.6.x, 1.7.x, 1.8.x