Magento's Imagine eCommerce Conference 2011 - Mash-up of Magento and


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  • So what does this all mean? There are 4 steps to building an app on the platform
  • Magento's Imagine eCommerce Conference 2011 - Mash-up of Magento and

    1. 1. CloudGentoAn Enterprise Level Mash-up ofMagento and
    2. 2. Jon Jessup Founder & CEOCloud Conversion
    3. 3. Agenda Cloud Conversion Background CloudGento -- What, Why and How We Do It Magento API Best Practices Common Pitfalls to Avoid MagentoGo Opportunities for Cloud Developers Live Demos! Q&A
    4. 4. Cloud Conversion Background About Cloud Conversion We know eCommerce Founded February 2009 in Park City, UT Team consists of cloud evangelists Focus: Build innovative eCommerce applications with over 25 years experience in Mission: Solve real-world business challenges eCommerce, CRM and ERP. Primary Products: eCommSource & CloudGento Self-funded
    5. 5. Successful Customers
    6. 6. Key Partners
    7. 7. CloudGento - What, Why and How We Do It  Overview  Integrating B2B and B2C Operations  Streamlining Customer Service and Support  Managing RMAs and Replacements  Managing Inventory across Multiple Channels  Reporting & Analytics  Workflow, Visual Flow and Security  Marketing Initiatives (VerticalResponse, MailChimp, etc)
    8. 8. CloudGento Flow Customers Orders Products Shipping
    9. 9. The Eclipse/ IDE
    10. 10. Getting Started Make sure API Endpoint is accessible i.e. – Define API User and Appropriate Roles System -> Web Services WSDL can be found at
    11. 11. Defining API Role
    12. 12. Defining API Users
    13. 13. Basic Magento API Flow  Make login request with username/API key -> SessionID  Store SessionID to make subsequent API calls  Call endSession (optional)
    14. 14. Basic Magento API Calls  login  startSession  endSession  resources  globalFaults  resourceFaults
    15. 15. Available Customer and Order API Calls salesOrderList directoryCountryList salesOrderInfo directoryRegionList salesOrderAddComment customerCustomerList salesOrderHold salesOrderUnhold customerCustomerCreate salesOrderCancel customerCustomerInfo salesOrderShipmentList salesOrderShipmentInfo customerCustomerUpdate salesOrderShipmentCreate customerCustomerDelete salesOrderShipmentAddComment customerGroupList salesOrderShipmentAddTrack salesOrderShipmentRemoveTrack customerAddressList salesOrderShipmentGetCarriers customerAddressCreate salesOrderInvoiceList salesOrderInvoiceInfo customerAddressInfo salesOrderInvoiceCreate customerAddressUpdate salesOrderInvoiceAddComment customerAddressDelete salesOrderInvoiceCapture salesOrderInvoiceVoid salesOrderInvoiceCancel
    16. 16. Available Product and Category Calls catalogCategoryCurrentStore catalogProductAttributeCurrentStore catalogCategoryTree catalogProductAttributeList catalogCategoryLevel catalogProductAttributeOptions catalogCategoryInfo catalogProductAttributeSetList catalogCategoryCreate catalogProductTypeList catalogCategoryUpdate catalogProductAttributeTierPriceInfo catalogCategoryMove catalogProductAttributeTierPriceUpdate catalogCategoryDelete catalogCategoryAttributeCurrentStore catalogCategoryAssignedProducts catalogCategoryAttributeList catalogCategoryAssignProduct catalogCategoryAttributeOptions catalogCategoryUpdateProduct catalogProductAttributeMediaCurrentStore catalogCategoryRemoveProduct catalogProductAttributeMediaList catalogProductCurrentStore catalogProductAttributeMediaInfo catalogProductList catalogProductAttributeMediaTypes catalogProductInfo catalogProductAttributeMediaCreate catalogProductCreate catalogProductAttributeMediaUpdate catalogProductUpdate catalogProductAttributeMediaRemove catalogProductSetSpecialPrice catalogProductLinkList catalogProductGetSpecialPrice catalogProductLinkAssign catalogProductDelete catalogProductLinkUpdate catalogProductLinkRemove catalogProductLinkTypes catalogProductLinkAttributes
    17. 17. Coming in API  New Shopping Cart API  Support for multiple ComplexFilters
    18. 18. Best Practices & Common Pitfalls to Avoid  Keep track of Increment Ids!  Make Sure the API is properly setup & enabled  Monitor API Calls and Don’t Overload the API  Understand Complex Filters and Associative Entities  Always use SSL and Encrypt API Tokens  Don’t Be Afraid to Mash-up Other Services  Build a Custom API in PHP
    19. 19.  REST API via OpenSocial/Shindig! oAuth Support Gadgets and Widgets to extend the site and admin Ability to offer Free trials End goal: “If you can do it in the UI, you can do it via a service” Future support for push notifications
    20. 20. oAuth Overview Open protocol ( for secure API authorization in a “simple” and standard method from applications. Allows MagentoGo accounts to be connected to 3rd party applications without the account owner having to share their password and they can revoke access at any time. Notable oAuth Implementations:, LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, LivePerson, Magento, etc
    21. 21. The oAuth Dance 1) Acquire key and consumer secret 2) Ask for a request token and specify your callback 3) Direct the user to the Magento authorization screen 4) Receive a callback to the URL your specified 5) Ask for an access token 6) Make API calls!
    22. 22. REST Request: http://magento.local/shindig/gadgets/api/rest/product/93?view=preview
    23. 23. PaaS Open-Source Beta GA Runs on Magento Enterprise Community/Professional/EnterpriseMaintained/Hosted by Magento Full-Control Over Installation Automatic Upgrades Responsible for UpgradesCustomizations done in CSS and Customizations done in PHP Gadgets REST API + oAuth +JSON SOAP APIRipe for Opportunity/Innovation! Large Install Base
    24. 24. eCommerce Opportunities for Cloud Developers  Find a Pain Point and Help Solve It!  Build Gadgets/Integrations for MagentoGo  Mash-up eCommerce services (PayPal, Magento, etc)  Build Social eCommerce Applications  Mobile Apps
    25. 25. Live Demos!
    26. 26. Question & AnswerQuestions, Thoughts, Ideas?