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Schibsted in a multichannel context


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Daniel Wentz's presentation at Magenta Advisory's multichannel seminar on May 15, 2012

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Schibsted in a multichannel context

  1. 1. Schibsted in a Multichannel contextDaniel Wentz, Schibsted Strategy & Business DevelopmentSchibsted Media Group, May 2012
  2. 2. Schibsted currently employs some 7.200 FTE´s in 29 countries CEO   Rolv  Erik  Ryssdal   Corporate  HQ   Legal,  HR,  M&A,   KF,  Strategy   Sweden   Norway   SCM   Interna?onal   Raoul  Grynthal   Didrik  Munck   Terje  Seljeseth   Sverre  Munch   A"onbladet  SvD   VG   TvM:   Blocket  in  X   A"enposten   20min  FR  &  ES   Lendo,  Prisjakt,,   countries   St.  A"enblad   EesK  Media,  Kundkra?,     BT,  FvN   AnunKs   Webtraffic,,   Infojobs  in  Y   LetsDeal,  Mobilio,   Etc.   countries   Elpriser,  Etc.   Vekst   Shaping  the  Media  of  tomorrow,  today  Daniel  Wentz  
  3. 3. Dynamic strategy during 90’s prepared the group for online migration in  Q1  2012  (2011)   Online   37%  (35%)   Offline   63%  (65%)  Daniel  Wentz  
  4. 4. As FY 2011 figures shows, Schibstedsdigitalisation is well under way... offline   In  2011,  digital  acKviKes  accounted  for  55%  of  group  EBITDA  
  5. 5. SCM international focus and growthhistory, both organic and M&A driven
  6. 6. Already strong position,aiming for global lead!
  7. 7. Active portfolio and pipelinemanagement to get there
  8. 8. Since 1995, Schibsted has activelyreallocated resources to digital Classifieds  are   Informa9on   made  for  internet   wants  to  be   and  internet  is   free   made  for  classifieds   Digital  shi"  for  media  companies  has  channel  conflicts  at  it’s  core.  
  9. 9. We increase investment! Organizational digital readiness is key! Autumn  2011;  AEonbladet  goes  Digital  First    
  10. 10. Reactions where massive! Ensuring  digital  readiness  is  a  painful  process  –  but  we  need  to  stay  on  target!  
  11. 11. We drive the development across ourportfolio, also digital-only brands During  March  2012,  visits  from  Mobile   devices  consOtuted  70%  of  total  visits,  up   from  42%  during  March  2011  
  12. 12. So far the strategy is paying off, while Print is 50/50 – Digital lead is increasingCombined  Online,  Mobile  &  Tablet  visits,  KIA  index   Q1 2011 Q1 2012 Schibsted   28%   Other   33%   Schibsted   38%   §  Schibsted  grows  on  a  overall   Other   46%   declining  market  “SE  internet”   §  Mainly  Mobile  engagement   Bonnier   11%   MTG   driving  Schibsted  growth   1%   Hemnet   2%   Eniro   3%   Stampen   Bonnier   24Media SVT/SR   MTG   Eniro   Aller   4%   13%   Network   SVT/SR   4%   2%   3%   3%   0%   Hemnet   Stampen   3%   24Media 1%   3%   Network   Aller   2%   0%   MTG  &  Bonnier:  En?re  site  lists;  TV3,  TV6,  TV4,  Expressen,  DI,  etc.  
  13. 13. Two ways of managing new channels,both methods works Expand  internal  organisa9on   Create  separate  company  §  Descrip?on:     §  Descrip?on:      Dedicate  internal  resources  to  drive    Brand  holds  100%  ownership   new  channel,  clear  budget,    Easy  to  obtain  right  culture  &  people   ownership  and  targets    Merger  challenge  down  the  road          §  Example:   §  Example:  
  14. 14. The urgency to keep moving increases asthe world becomes even more complexExample  of  drivers   Implica9ons   §  PlaUorm  shiV  entails  enforced  shiV  in  consumer  behavior  Mobile  internet  reaches     and  poten?ally  open  space  for  new  entrants   80-­‐90%  penetraKon   §  Increase  in  personalized  and  loca?on  based  services   §  Pole-­‐posi?on  example:  Facebook,  Apple   §  Increased  importance  of  speed  and  branding/packaging     Accelerated   as  signal  of  value   internaKonalisaKon  and   §  ShiV  in  consumer  expecta?ons  and  demand   fragmentaKon   §  Pole-­‐posi?on  example:  Amazon,  Apple,  Rocket  Internet   Less  clear  boundaries   §  Increased  emphasis  on  use-­‐case  and  screen  size   between  devices  and   §  TV-­‐set  (big-­‐screen)  experience  will  influence  consumers   channels   §  Pole-­‐posi?on  example:  Apple,  Google,  Amazon  Kindle    
  15. 15. Multichannel, in Schibsteds perspective, lies very close to corporate strategy§  How  do  you  reallocate  resources;  Do  you  put  your  money  where  your  strategy  is?  §  Do  you  draw  your  map  inside  out  or  outside  in  as  consumer  behaviour  converge?  §  Sebng  up  a  online  store  and  op?mizing  cost-­‐of-­‐sales  is  not  a  mul?channel  strategy   (more  OE),  how  to  adapt  to  manage  consumers  digital  expecta?ons?  (SONY  vs.  APPLE)  §  Almost  regardless  of  industry  you  are  in,  scary  4  (Apple,  Google,  Facebook,  Amazon)   are  both  inspira?onal  and  threatening;  what  is  your  Google  strategy?   Ensure  you  serve  the  customer  in  all  channels,  or  someone  else  will...