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Magellanic solutions pvt ltd profile hr recruitment your (2)


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Magellanic solutions pvt ltd profile hr recruitment your (2)

  1. 1. Magellanic Solutions Pvt. Ltd.Phone: 022 254 44500 Mobile: +91 810 811 3651, / or visit our websitewww.magellanicsolutions.inCompany OverviewWe are a professionally managed manpower and training providers delivering servicesacross the nation for years. Our management team comprises of a group of professionalsfrom HR, Accounting, Finance and IT background holding years of experience in theirspecific fields. We have been service workforce and training requirements for majorcompanies from various industries. Our head office is located at Thane, Maharashtra.Our mission is to consistently deliver high value to our clients through solutions andservices that enable efficient recruitment and retention of human resources of appropriatecapabilities and qualities better than anyone else.We believe in establishing long-term relationship with our customers by consistentlydelivering creative and value-adding solutions and services of high quality. We have theresources and the systems to efficiently fulfil customers requirements in terms of Qualityand Time.We have gained the trust and confidence of our partners and clients through a robustprocess and our core values are: Future oriented Team Work Shared Vision Utter focus on quality Open Communication Professional Integrity Responsiveness Exceeding ExpectationsWe invest time and money to continuously upgrade our knowledgebase and to promotefunctional and industry-level expertise.
  2. 2. Magellanic Solutions Pvt. Ltd.Phone: 022 254 44500 Mobile: +91 810 811 3651, / or visit our websitewww.magellanicsolutions.inOUR PROCESSESMagellanic Solutions has robust processes & tools to facilitate sourcing, validating andevaluating profiles to deliver candidates of the required skills and caliber to its clients.We have developed a metrics driven process for promoting skills, employability andresource transportability and also to benchmark multiple parameters which can be usedfor evaluating potential candidates.Candidate Profiling: While recruiting department heads, committee members, directorsand senior management staff we formulate a detailed job description, profile,competencies, necessary skills, and leadership qualities for the required position.Market Research: The process we use for identifying the companies where thenecessary skills would be available is well defined. The experts at Magellaniccontinuously monitor the demand and supply of human resources for checking theavailability of human resources with the skills and potential that can be transported toclient companies. Information & feedback provided by our clients and independentexperts is also used to grade the companies. The companies are graded and a "resourcetransportability" index is created for each company relative to each client.Our Evaluation ProcessWe at Magellanic evaluate all the candidates by following a carefully defined and asystematic process:Resume Validation: All the resumes at Magellanic are carefully validated by our HR &Counselling experts on the basis of education, quality of experience, roles &responsibilities handled, skills, domain knowledge to identify key skills & strengths thatmay interest you.Telephonic Interview: We at Magellanic conduct the initial screening over the phone tounderstand candidate requirements and to understand if the basic skill set match theactual job description. Telephonic interviews also help us to understand thecommunication skills possessed by the candidates and his/her eagerness towards gettingthe job. Most of the candidates are eliminated in this round of interview.Personal Interview: In a personal interview we are better able to understand thecandidate profile in terms of skills, amount of experience, personality, and bodylanguage. Here we understand and counsel on career choices and preferences etc.Through assessment is conducted to check if the CV is an appropriate representation ofthe candidate.
  3. 3. Magellanic Solutions Pvt. Ltd.Phone: 022 254 44500 Mobile: +91 810 811 3651, / or visit our websitewww.magellanicsolutions.inOther Services We Deliver Our Clients & Candidates We at Magellanic match the profiles against our client requirements andcomparing the indices against your standards. We prepare a skill profile and the resource summary for our database and lateranalyse the skill transportability index, resource transportability index andemployability index. We convey the requirements to candidates, assessing their level of interest in yourcompany, checking if they have interviewed by your company before,understanding and setting their expectations before referring them to you. We coordinating interviews, post-interview follow-up and counselling. We maintain a continuous engagement with the candidate and the recruiter untilthey join your company. In cases where the candidates reject your offer, provideinformation on the reasons. We often visit recruiters’ site in order to assess the work environment for giving abetter picture of the prospect employer to the candidates.The Tools We UseWe at Magellanic have developed enhanced software’s to help us manage high CVvolumes and also allow us to effectively coordinate with the employers and thecandidates in the most effective and efficient manner. Our tools give us the leverage toprovide a prompt and timely service to the employers and to our candidates allowing usto meet and exceed the expectations of our clients.Candidate Interview (on behalf of Client): For overseas and distant clients on their request and agreement we arrange theexperts in the concern functional and technical area to conduct the interview ofthe prospecting candidate for their company. The scope of this interview can be from setting up the initial screening questions,to the functional test and the 1stand 2ndround of technical & function interviewand presentation by the candidate for higher level. We do arrange interview facility on demand of clients for the Telephonic or theinterview through video-conferencing.
  4. 4. Magellanic Solutions Pvt. Ltd.Phone: 022 254 44500 Mobile: +91 810 811 3651, / or visit our websitewww.magellanicsolutions.inHow are we different? We hold the Perspective of top management Our vast knowledge of Industry The Professionalism we follow High levels of Integrity & Transparency Proactive & Personal Participation Thoroughness & Sense of Urgency Reference Checking Organisational Consulting Guaranteed Satisfaction
  5. 5. Magellanic Solutions Pvt. Ltd.Phone: 022 254 44500 Mobile: +91 810 811 3651, / or visit our websitewww.magellanicsolutions.inWe stand apart in terms of: In-depth Candidate Interviews Reference Checking Global Vision Understanding of Organizations / cultures Developing Position Specification Efficient Desk / Database Research Confidential Candidate Identification Professional & succinct Candidate Presentation Offer Negotiation & Closing Search Completion Candidate Follow-up / Hand-holding / Assimilation in company.Our Research Methodology: Concrete References Wide Network Experienced Search Management Professional Representation of Client Industry Knowledge Track Record of Success Cost Effective Innovative Solutions
  6. 6. Magellanic Solutions Pvt. Ltd.Phone: 022 254 44500 Mobile: +91 810 811 3651, / or visit our websitewww.magellanicsolutions.inTerms of PaymentTerms of engagement between M/s (Your Company) & Magellanic Solutions Pvt. Ltd.1. Charges per candidate:Our Professional fee would flat 8% of the Annual compensation of the candidate asper the employment contract. The annual compensation will include: Basic salary +all allowance paid in cash2. Appointment details:A formal copy of the complete letter of offer / appointment and details should be sentas a copy to Magellanic Solutions Pvt. Ltd. by the Client while offering to thecandidate.3. Payment Terms:Invoices are payable within 30 calendar days of candidate’s joining.4. Contractual Obligations: Confidentiality Agreement: In order to provide an efficient, confidential service,both to our clients and our candidates, we must request you to maintain absoluteconfidentiality with regard to the candidates and their particulars. Candidatesshould not be contacted and their candidature should not be referred to associates,friends or other companies without concurrence with Magellanic Solutions Pvt.Ltd. Replacement Guarantee: Magellanic Solutions Pvt. Ltd. confirms that in theevent that the hired candidate leaves the company within 3 months ofemployment, Magellanic will provide a suitable candidate to replace the leftcandidate free of cost. (This clause would not be applicable if the candidate leavesas a result of the clients action that significantly impact his stay at The Client -e.g. decision to close operations, downgrade in his/her role and similar suchevents that make it unrealistic for the candidate to continue serving within theorganization or in case his services are terminated by the organization for anyreason whatsoever).