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PowerPoint of the Easter Triduum

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Ben brown

  1. 1. The Easter Triduum Ceremonies Holy Thursday, Good Friday, Easter Saturday Vigil Mass and Bibliography By Benjamin Brown 7.1
  2. 2. Holy Thursday Jesus had a very important meal with his disciples called The Last Supper What Happened to Jesus: Jesus shared a feast with his disciples and told them that someone had betrayed him. They also had the body and blood (Bread and Wine) of Jesus Christ. He washed their feet for them. Ceremony In this Ceremony, people are chosen to get their feet washed by the priest who represents Jesus at the last supper Catholics Remember this day as when Jesus had the supper with his disciples
  3. 3. Ho ly Thursday Pictures
  4. 4. Good Friday Good Friday is a day were we remember what Jesus did for us What Happened To Jesus Jesus was crucified on the cross and Mary stood beside him crying. Jesus had to wear a crown made of thorns and he was nailed up against the cross Ceremony In the morning, the stations of the cross are held and in the afternoon, a ceremony is held where people can come up and kiss or/and hug the cross. Catholics remember this day as when jesus was crucified
  5. 5. Go o d Fr i day
  6. 6. Easter Saturday Vigil Mass Ceremony In this ceremony we light the easter candle and everybody in the crowd get a candle. After Everybody has got the bread and wine they follow the priest into a room and they put the bread in a special place called Tabernacle
  7. 7. Easter Sunday Easter Sunday Represents The Day Jesus Resurrected from the dead What Happened To Jesus Mary and Mary Magdalene went to the tomb and found that Jesus was not there. An angel came down from heaven and told them that Jesus was resurrected. They ran to tell the disciples and they started to run to the tomb and jesus was there. He told them not to be afraid. For he has risen. Catholics Celebrate Easter Sunday by going the night before to the vigil or by going in the morning to the mass. On this day people spend time with their families and eat or give Chocolate Easter eggs as a sign of new life
  8. 8. Bibliography Music-Behold The Cross- Gary Pinto Interview Cathy Brown 1 March um=1&hl=en&client=safari&rls=en&tbs=isch %3A1&sa=1&q=holy +thursday&btnG=Search&aq=f&oq=&start=0 Goggle Images Search Holy Thursday 1.3.10