Sony PlayStation Suomi - Use case


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Sony PlayStation Suomi - Use case

  1. 1. Sony PlayStation Suomi. Outperforming competitors, Higher Fan Engagement, Cost Savings & Efficient Marketing - How Sony PlayStation made it all possible with Komfo’s social media marketing suite SITUATION Solution ResultsNordisk Film is a company in the Egmont Group Sony PlayStation Suomi has a local community Even though Sony PlayStation Suomi has theand the leading Nordic developer, producer and manager who manages local relevant content and smallest number of fans compared to other Sonydistributor of creative content in movies, games, campaigns, and helps in the implementation of PlayStations fanpages in the Nordics, it has beenand music. Nordisk Film is the official distribu- cross- Nordics campaigns. able to outcompete its direct competitors ontor of Sony PlayStation consoles, equipment and The Komfo platform enables real-time collabo- Facebook within a couple of months. It’s IPMSony-developed games in all of the Nordic coun- ration with colleagues in Denmark, Sweden and score lies in the range of 5-100 which is signifi-tries. Norway, and sharing of best practices across of- cantly higher than any brand has on Facebook inNordisk Film manages more than 60 facebook fices has never been easier with an added benefit Finland.pages with more than 430 000 fans. Having to of leveraging consumer insights. Sony PlayStation Suomi now aims to compete in-manage so many customer “touch-points”, On the recent Spiderman campaign, even Sony ternally with other Sony PlayStation fanpages toKomfo was selected the social media marketing Entertainment Europe worked virtually side by increase engagement and conversion.suite vendor. side each local community manager, enabling The number-one benefit of using the Komfo faster time to market and no bouncing forth and Platform is the fact that it has helped SonyIn 2011, higher emphasis was made on creation back between the many 3rd parties involved, PlayStation generating more product exposure,of local fanpages and Sony PlayStation Suomi got minimizing revisions and version control. increased brand awareness and higher engage-its local Facebook fanpage in August 2011. Sony PlayStation make most of their engagement ment rates. With one campaign only, it got 3,000With a minimal time investment, the objective apps by themselves, and the biggest hit has been new likes on first day, 139,000 fans saw the cam-was to increase exposure for Sony PlayStation a campaign to ‘Like Sweden to oblivion’ – playing paign, reaching 1.3 million fans and friends-of-products and gather Facebook fans around en- on the hate/love relationship between Sweden fans.gagement related activities such as campaigns and Finland. Creating an app for Sony PlayStation Suomi takesand sweepstakes. ‘Without Komfo, we would not be able to create roughly a day. To have an agency to it, it canAnother objective was to measure effects of cam- and run our campaigns on Facebook and get the easily take at least a week to two (…with all thepaigns, share best practices with colleagues to results from them’ states Wille Miljas, the com- briefing, understanding, creation, project man-get smarter about e.g. munity manager of Sony PlayStation Suomi. agement etc)– and in addition Sony PlayStation• How to create engaging content that will keep Sony PlayStation Suomi uses Komfo to schedule Suomi is saving 10 000’s of Euros on apps crea-fans following and get them to participate more posts (status, videos, pictures and links) in order tion!on the page? to catch the fans at the best hour of engagement By only posting during working hours, Sony Play-• How do we engage our fans and optimize the e.g. in the evenings and during weekends. Station Suomi would miss a critical opportunityuse of our human resources for that purpose? Komfo’s IPM (Interaction per 1000 fans) score is to get visibility they wanted to get maximum used to ensure that the best possible content is engagement. Having a platform that enables served for the fan base. scheduling of posts in the evenings and during weekends has increased engagement from fans significantly. ’ We are saving money with Komfo as we always have one person who makes the creative stuff and then the other countries localize accordingly’ says Wille Miljas, Sony PlayStation Suomi. What is impressive is that the results are com- pletely organic and there has been not spent any Euros on Facebook ads or sponsored stories. Sony PlayStation has incurred significant cost savings in the form of marketing efficiency and the Komfo platform has contributed profoundly to the bottom line.