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Growth Lab Consulting Presentation

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Growthlabsocialmedia Companypresentationmay09

  1. 1. Winnovation Network – Social Media Business and IT Consulting October 2009
  2. 2. 69 % respondents say they have gained business benefits from using social media • A new survey of nearly 1,700 businesses finds that using social media can lead to more innovative products and services, more effective marketing, better access to knowledge, lower cost of doing business, and higher revenues. • Successful companies not only tightly integrate Web 2.0 technologies with the work flows of their employees but also create a 'networked company,' linking themselves with customers and suppliers. Source: Mckinsey & Company, September 2009
  3. 3. Our Alliance helps organizations in harnessing benefits of social media Web Technologies & Solutions Mobility, location Social Media Information & Portals Concepting & Marketing Agency Winnovation Web 2.0/Social Media Business and Business Leadership Consulting Innovations
  4. 4. We are different • We are business and IT consultants with a deep knowledge of social media, mobility and technology tools • We help organizations to use effectively social media and mobile technologies to improve business performance and customer engagement • We help clients in their transformation for dynamic and social business culture to tap into the benefits of the social web and enterprise 2.0
  5. 5. The Social Enterprise - Our value offerings Employee Customer Partnership Collaboration Collaboration Collaboration Solutions Solutions Solutions Innovation Workshops Business Potential Assessment Concept Design Development of solutions Systems and Portal Integration Change Management and Release Planning
  6. 6. Our Value Offering cd. • Customer Collaboration o Social CRM • Employee Collaboration o High Performing Organization • Partnership Collaboration o Super Networks, Social SCM
  7. 7. How we work • Concentrate on business areas that maximize value • Involve stakeholders from the beginning • Ensure a benefits-led approach with a focused vision • Align any aspects of any change to the vision • Anticipate major obstacles to successful delivery to ensure always a 'right first time‘ release and implementation • Create long-term client partnerships
  8. 8. We Act Social • We use social media tools and applications within the network and with clients • We connect Innovation and Social Media in our approach – both as a business value driver and a tool to connect employees, customers, prospects and partners • We work with you • We want you to be part of our network to share experiences, provide feedback and get insights
  9. 9. • Winnovation Network - About Each of Us
  10. 10. Winnovation – Markku Silén Markku Silén has more than 27 years of experience in management consulting, technology solutions and systems integration. As a business consultant he has been working with the leadership teams of the major Finnish and Nordic companies and government organizations. Markku’s strongest achievements relate to business innovations, growth management, sales and leadership development, competence and knowledge management and major turnaround programs in global environment. He served as CEO for Accenture Nordic and Baltics from 2002 – 2006. In addition to his own company, Winnovation Oy, Markku has active engagements in all the Winnovation Network companies - creating a new and innovative business and leadership model and market offering.
  11. 11. Growth Lab Consulting „External‟ facing „Internal‟ facing Social media Social web social web Implementation Technology • Social media • Collaboration and • Facilitate the growth • E2 Tools and vendor readiness and communication needs of conversations and selection maturity assessment the adoption of new • Specs for back-office assessment • ONAs tools integration • Community building • Employee, Customer, • Program & change • Current client • Social web strategy, Partner Collaboration Coaching platforms strength processes & programs • Business case & and weakness organizations, • CoP and social capital metrics analysis business models • Social CRM • Best practices • Liaison between IT • Social web roadmap • Blending applications • Leadership alignment and technology • C-level awareness into the user's • Innovation/social provider workshops routine media work shops responsibilities • Wider rollout plans • Internal branding
  12. 12. Ethos Technologies Global IT Consultancy Headquartered in Beijing with offices in Oslo and Stockholm. 150 people from all 6 continents, blending into a global culture Agile Evangelists Promoting Agile software development process, enabling customer interaction and user-driven innovation to reduce risk and build better products Portal Experts State-of-the-art competence on leading Enterprise 2.0 collaboration platforms as Drupal and Google Wave. Strong experience from large-scale portal environments
  13. 13. Fifth Element We help our customers in mobile processes, in their improvement by using real-time geographic information, and in their integration into back-end systems. Solid expertise and extensive experience in: - wireless processes - location information - portals and web technologies
  14. 14. Zipipop Expertise
  15. 15. • Key Client Cases
  16. 16. Case: Client wants to use social media to fuel innovation, to drive new business revenues, enhance employee and customer collaboration and change the organizational mindset. A Social Enterprise Portal will be prototyped – Finland Description: Client contacted us to investigate if social media could improve collaboration internally and externally, to give the company a competitive edge and thereby challenge some of the larger competitors in the market. Approach: A ½ day social awareness workshop with management followed by a 1 day Innovation workshop to generate ideas for new business model, revenues and services. Interviews with customers and partners, and employees were conducted to fuel the idea generation process. In the process, social media was used to generate input. New social media functionalities and features for the Social Enterprise Portal, which came out from the workshops, will be evaluated, rated and voted for. We are in the process of developing change coaching programs, new business model and processes that will enable the company to grow. A benefit case is being developed and aligned with the initiatives. This program is still going on. To date all important deadlines and deliverables have been achieved; giving confidence to the ambitions for the organization and its overall goals.
  17. 17. Case: Development of Strategic Options and functionality for a Social platform for a Consumer Staples Company in Denmark Description: Client recognised the need for a strategic partner to provide social media innovation & strategy advice and implementation capability as client is seeing its future revenue decrease in its traditional business as target group is being altered. Approach: We are in the process of developing future possible stories and strategic options for the company and how social media can be used to innovate. We have developed two business models that will enable the company to grow its revenue. We are awaiting a decision from the board. A business transformation and transition program is envisaged to be developed as well. This program is currently underway with an implementation plan over the coming months.
  18. 18. Case: Building a community and e-commerce site for selling and buying of new and reused fashion items- Finland Description: A Danish company wants to copy the existing community and e- commerce site and launch it in Finland. The site is directed a women within the range of 18 and up, but also a market place for smaller boutiques and designers to sell their fashion products. Approach: A earning and revenue business model was developed for the Finnish market. A social media campaign, and measurement tools have been developed. The platform is currently being translated and amended to include Finnish specific functionality. This project is currently underway with an ambitious implementation plan over the coming months.
  19. 19. Case: Implementation of an ad-hoc social media marketing organization to support a social networks targeted campaign for a global soft-drink manufacturer Description: Client decided to revitalize and re-launch a global brand by using social media as channel for their „push campaign‟. Client recognised the need for a strategic partner to provide local expertise and organizational advice and implementation capability as client built an ad-hoc organisation around the campaign. Approach: The first activity that we undertook was to revise the revitalization strategy to fit a social networks and social media understanding. We held workshops with the regional marketing management, and brand managers to provide them with a social mindset rather than the traditional push and mass marketing mindset. During this workshop, a revised strategy for the brand was created and new activities proposed. We designed and implemented ad hoc teams organization who were to coordinate the consumer interaction. Our ability to commit to implement this assignment at “the speed of the internet” was critical to our success with this client. Creating a new socially acting team with new ad hoc business processes was essential to the success of the project. Due to our experience, we saved client from potential legal allegations which could have been a result of the initial launch strategy.
  20. 20. • Accolades