My Sister's Keeper


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My Sister's Keeper

  2. 2. Characters Anna Kate SaraFitzgerald Fitzgerald Fitzgerald She was brougth she is an ex into the world to be a genetic lawyer and match for her decides to Kate suffers older sister, who represent from acute suffers from herself and her promylocitic acute husband in the leukemia, a promylocytic lawsuit, she lukemia, and like blood and tries on several a result of this bone marrow occasions to problem she cancer. make Anna search a medical drop the enmancipation. lawsuit.
  3. 3. Charactersc Brian Aunt JesseFitzgerald Kelly Fitzgerald He has spent He is the father She is the most his life and the being ignored in mediator of sister of favor of ill Kate the resulting Sara, also is or donor Anna, tension he spends most between Sara her rigth of his time and Anna. He hand, and setting fire to just wants that sometimes abandoned family stay the support buildings. He is a self- confessed strong over of Sara. juvenile any problem. delinquent.
  4. 4. Characters Taylor Alexander Dr. Wayre Ambrose Campbell He work for He was an important part Anna because He help the in the life of she ask him for family to help with her make some Kate, because medical he teach her, emancipation, desicions how let survive and for be so that she will and live the little happy be able to strong with part of her life. make her own Kate. decisions.
  5. 5. Places Hospital House Beach Judgment
  6. 6. Time Line Anna usually willing to Anna was donate whatever conceived as a Kate needs, but savior sibling, in when she is 13, she is Anna petitions for order to harvest told that she will have medical emancipation blood from her to donate one of her with the help of lawyer umbilical cord to kidneys. The surgery Campbell Alexander,use in treatments to required for both so that she will be able hel save Kte’s life. would be major. to make her own desicions regarding her medical treatment and the donation of Sara tries on several her kidney. Anna’s brother Jesse, occasions to make who has spends most Anna drop the lawsuit. of his life being Anna refuses to do so , ignored in favor of ill but the resulting Kate or donor Anna, tension between her spends most of his and her mother result time doing another in her moving out of things. the house to live with her father Brian in the fire station where he works.
  7. 7. During the trial, it is revealed that Kate asked Anna tosue for Anna wins theemancipation because case, and due to Kate later dies she did not want Anna her sister’s wishes at the have transplant, and does not donate because she believes her kidney. that she will die anyway. The family moves on with their lives, being changed by Kate’s death, but every year on Kate’s birthday they go to Montana, wich was her favorite place in the world.
  8. 8. Comment Well at first I don’t like see sadness movies, because I am a person really sensible. But i really liked saw this movie because this kind of movies make you think about the things that you have, the things that you would like make at the future, make you think about the love that you have in your family, make you think that you’r happiness doesn’t depends about material things or another person who don’t be you.