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Christmas by Tymek


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Published in: Education
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Christmas by Tymek

  1. 1. Traditions of Christmas
  2. 2. Christmas tree Christmas Eve is one of the biggest holidays for polish families. A large role in creating a festive atmosphere plays decor apartment. In every house, the central point is a beautifully dressed Christmas tree. This is one of the youngest Christmas traditions.
  3. 3. The first star and dishes Christmas Eve In our tradition, Christmas Eve begins with the appearance of the first star in the sky. Polish dinner consists of twelve dishes because there are so many months of the year. You have to try each dish at least once. In many homes after dinner, families start to sing Christmas carols. At midnight, Christmas Eve usually ends when people participate in the Midnight Mass .
  4. 4. Christmas Carols Singing carols at Christmas time is a habit practiced all over the world lasting from hundreds years today. Tradition connects people rich and poor, with different backgrounds and social education.
  5. 5. Gifts and wafer The tradition of Christmas is giving itself gifts under the Christmas tree and share the wafer with your loved ones.
  6. 6. Prezentacje wykonał Tymoteusz Fedorowski VIF