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Jackson 5

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  1. 1. MotownThe Jackson 5 Cam, Risha, Bre
  2. 2. The Jackson ParentsThe Jackson’s were a working class family raised in Gary, Indiana by there mother Katherine Jackson and father Joe Jackson. They were occasionally beaten by their father Joe for misbehaving.
  3. 3. Early CareerThe Jackson first began to get into music when the eldest brothers ofthe group use to play their father’s guitar without him knowing.Listening to the radio while playing music was their thing. Michaeland Marlon were not allowed to play, but only to watch as long asthey don’t tell. Joe eventually discovered they were playing hisguitar after one of his guitar strings broke. He was very furious atfirst, but he realized that the boys had talent. From then on Joestarted making plans to create a musical act for them. They weresigned onto Motown Records in 1969, and began achievingimmediate success with their first No. 1 single "I Want YouBack."The Jacksons released the Victory album in 1984, followedby their wildly successful Victory World Tour.
  4. 4. Jackie Born on May 4, 1951. Second oldest of nine siblings First of the Jackson 5 to record a solo album In 1997 he was inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Jackie Jackson married Enid Spann in 1974 at the age of 23. They had two children together named Brandi and Sigmund.
  5. 5. Tito Real name is Toriano Adaryll Jackson Born October 15, 1953 He is the third eldest child and second eldest male of the Jackson family Last of the Jackson group to go solo Married Delores Martez in 1972 Had 3 sons which became known as the musical act T3
  6. 6. Jermaine Born December 11, 1954 Recorded 3 duets with Whitney Houston Fourth of 10 children Began his solo career in 1972 Married Berry Gordy’s daughter Hazel He stayed with Motown when Jackson 5 went to CBS Records Has 8 children Was married four times
  7. 7. Marlon Born March 12, 1957 He was sixth of the Jackson family His twin brother Brandon was a stillborn He married Carol Ann Parker at the age of 18 The group left Motown except for him and he was replaced with Randy Jackson In 1999 he ran the Major Broadcasting Corporation (MBC)
  8. 8. Michael At the age of 6 he joined the Jackson 5 By the age of 8 he was the lead vocalist He went solo in 1972 In 1988 he released his first autobiography “Moon Walk” Married in 1994 in a private ceremony in the Dominican Republic to Lisa Marie Presley Died June 25, 2009
  9. 9. Randy Real name is Stephen Randle Jackson October 29, 1961 Married in 1979 to Eliza Shaffe Has 5 children In 1998 he found Modern Records He replaced Jermaine Jackson in 1972
  10. 10. Influences Sly & The Family Stone and The Isley Brothers influenced Jackson 5 Bobby Brown, New Edition, and The Jonas Brothers are influenced by the Jackson 5
  11. 11. Meanings of Songs• ABC
  12. 12. Our Favorite Songs ABC 2300 Jackson Street I’ll Be There