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Mae Designs Portfolio


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This is a presentation of my design / photography work.

Published in: Technology, Business
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Mae Designs Portfolio

  1. 1. P o r t f o l i o
  2. 2. Overview AIDS Awareness Poster “Where there is AIDS, there is a CURE” Level Fashion Website - 3 screenshots Laura Mae Designs Jewelry - Logo and Business card design Orbitec Golf Balls - Logo and Magazine ad Killer Maps - Google Maps Article Fresh Squeezed Art - UMass Lowell 2006 BFA Candidates - Direct Mailer InstallCards - iPhone integration and Teensurance Newspaper ads- Aarrowcast and Alstom Media Kit - Longwood University Rotunda Blue North Studio Branding - Logo and Business card design Altered Images Illustrations Digital Photography Current projects
  3. 3. AIDS Awareness Poster “ Where there is AIDS, There is a CURE”
  4. 4. Level Fashion Website -Enter page Main page and Women's clothing example page
  5. 5. Identity for Laura Mae Designs ( Logo, web banner and business card
  6. 6. Orbitec - GPS tracked golf balls Logo and Magazine Spread
  7. 7. Killer Maps Article 10 pages of text fit into 4 pages
  8. 8. Freshly Squeezed Art UMass Lowell 2006 BFA Candidates Exhibition -Direct Mailer
  9. 9. InstallCards: Safeco Teensurance and iPhone Integration Kit
  10. 10. College Publication Advertisements Aarrowcast and Alstom
  11. 11. Media Kit for Longwood University Publication - The Rotunda
  12. 12. Blue North Studio branding Logo, Business card, web banner
  13. 13. Altered Images
  14. 14. Illustrations Pastels and Charcoal
  15. 15. Digital Photography for more examples
  16. 16. Recent projects include: Painted Crane Herbal Tea Identity Bond Girl Beauty Line Identity Short Sleeved Shorts - Book Cover
  17. 17. Thank you for taking the time to look over my work! [email_address]