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Net Promoter Score presentation


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Short guide in how to optimize customer loyalty

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Net Promoter Score presentation

  1. 1. Net Promoter Score - Understand your customers
  2. 2. Why Net Promoter Score? To have a good reputation has always been important. However today it is maybe more important than ever how your customer sees you. Reviews or complaints can be spread through social media or the internet within second to millions of other customers. Net Promoter Score (NPS) helps you to grow the number of promoters and reduce the numbers of detractors. 1 | Optimización de Procesos y Sistemas Industriales
  3. 3. What is Net Promoter Score? NPS, is the industry leading measurement for customer loyalty and was first introduced by Bain & Company in 2006 NPS makes customer feedback easy and takes origin in one standard question and one scale. Below you can see how it is calculated.
  4. 4. Who uses NPS and what NPS do they have? what is your NPS….?
  5. 5. How NPS creates growth NPS helps you to: • Convert detractors into promoters • Improve you reputation • Benchmark against competitors • Engage customers • Reduce customer retention 4 | Optimización de Procesos y Sistemas Industriales
  6. 6. NPS Methodology 5 | Optimización de Procesos y Sistemas Industriales Manage frame- work • Design survey (questionnaire, sequence etc.) • Select customers (segmentation,- VIP) Capture feed-back • Send out survey (Email, telephone, app) • Call back detractors (close the loop, <48h) Build and share analysis • Categorize comments from customers • Be the voice of the customer (mgt presentation) Create impro- vement actions • Select project with top impact (high priority) • Corrective and preventive actions Measure Customer satisfaction level Identify gaps Set objectives Implement improvement action
  7. 7. NPS case – Low number of Promoters Industry and Company: Service provider - Telius Problem: Low NPS. TELUS International engaged its Operations, Quality Assurance and Business Process Improvement (BPI) teams to improve the NPS metric by way of a Six Sigma Green Belt project. Solution:The team conducted a Voice-of-Customer (VOC) analysis and determined that the top two negative drivers of NPS were insufficient product knowledge and poor communication skills, specifically: • Lack of knowledge regarding billing and product features, such as new billing call types and billing format • No defined process for escalations and no established guideline for callbacks • Dissatisfaction with communication skills such as accent, courtesy and comprehension Result: The program’s NPS improved significantly. At the end of the project, NPS was at 62.50%, exceeding the program target of 50%. TELUS International ranked first in NPS among all offshore vendors. To date, NPS performance is consistently monitored and sustained. 6 | Optimización de Procesos y Sistemas Industriales
  8. 8. NPS case – Low number of Promoters Industry and Company: Insurance industry - ING Problem: High retention rate. Customers left the company after short time and showing little loyalty. Analysis and insight: “Three things that I want you to note from this overall segmentation. First, solid correlation between policy life expectancy and Net Promoter Score. So while we monitor, measure and act on Net Promoter Score and make investments to move that, we’re investing to improve our policy life expectancy.” Result: Focusing on customer loyalty drives the business from the bottom up. NPS turned out to have direct correlation to customer retention rate and the best way to improve it. 7 | Optimización de Procesos y Sistemas Industriales
  9. 9. Mads Hermann Customer Experience Consultant Get in touch… 8 | Optimización de Procesos y Sistemas Industriales Lets meet for a free introduction presentation!