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Madrona Real Estate Presentation

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  63. 63. Bradford Augustine is the founder of Madrona Real Estate Services, LLC. Brad serves as the Principal and Managing Broker.With over thirty-two years of real estate experience as a syndicator, developer, and manager, Brad's extensive resume is solid proof of his ability to successfully lead a team. Brad's great attention to detail and demand for quality ensure first class service and results in all of Madrona Real Estate Service's ventures. Brad's ability to multi-task and function in a fast paced work environment allows him to efficiently respond to the varied needs of the brokerage, management, and development divisions of Madrona Real Estate Services, LLC.
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  65. 65. James Sullivan focuses on underwriting and due diligence and provides support to Madrona's clients. He has an in-depth understanding of real estate and brings significant financial modeling skills usingArgus Financial Software to the firm and its clients. Prior to joining Madrona, James spent over ten years at Bentall Kennedy in the acquisitions and business development groups. During his tenure, he evaluated numerous investments with primary responsibilities for financial modeling, deal structuring and investment underwriting, as well as business development and client services.
  66. 66. As Director of Property Management, Lynn oversees all aspects of our property management division. Her leadership, management talents, and high level of detail ensure clients' expectations are not just met but exceeded. As a full service Real Estate Broker, Lynn specializes in Seattle residential home and condominium sales. Lynn's professional background includes 18 years of real estate experience, in the fields of property management, Human Resources, and New Construction and Rehab Marketing.
  67. 67. As a Portfolio Manager for Community Association, Erik oversees many of our Homeowner's Associations. His effective organizational skills and high standards make him well suited to handle the daily demands in his field. His professional background includes seven years of working in residential property management as well as experience in managing commercial properties. Not only has Erik grown up around real estate management and investment, he also has an educational background in business management, business ethics, philosophy and briefly, architecture. He currently holds a Certified Manager of Community Associations (CMCA) as well as an Association Management Specialist (AMS). He is in the process of obtaining the Professional Community Association Manager (PCAM) designation, which is the highest in this field.
  68. 68. As a Portfolio Manager for Community Associations,Cobi oversees several of our Homeowner’s Associations.As the central point of contact for the Associations he manages, he handles all client needs and also oversees special projects and manages community financials. From building maintenance and landscaping to communication and accounting, Cobi handles all affairs with great attention to detail and quality. His professional background includes sales and marketing as well as four years of experience in the Information and Technology industry, both as a small business owner and IT support specialist.
  69. 69. As a Portfolio Manager for Commercial and Multi-Family, Natalie oversees the management of Madrona’s commercial properties and rentals. Her organizational skills, vendor relationships and real estate experience are well suited to handle the daily tasks for each unique property. Natalie’s professional background includes nine years of residential and commercial management and two years of residential sales. Prior to real estate and after college, Natalie was employed by Nordstrom for ten years – managing a department and spreading Nordstrom’s customer service philosophies.
  70. 70. Elvira is responsible for all aspects of accounting, including: accounts receivable, accounts payable and the preparation of all financial statements. Her analytical nature and attention to detail ensures precision in all that she does. Elvira has over 20 years of accounting experience. Her professional background includes working for a small accounting firm, land developers andVenture Capitalists in the Seattle area. Her knowledge has enabled her to bring solid critical thinking and problem solving skills to the Madrona team. Elvira's experience also assists Madrona in streamlining processes to better serve our clients.
  71. 71. JanaVogelsang serves as both a Property Accountant and Lease Administrator. As a PropertyAccountant, Jana works with our Senior Accountant to facilitate all of the accounting and budget preparation for our Homeowner's Associations, as well as lease administration and budgeting for our commercial properties. Jana has an impeccable attention to detail, which is crucial for these accounting functions. Her professional background includes 18 years of working for property management and development companies in the Seattle area. She has held a variety of positions within the accounting department, as well as property and facility management. Jana enjoys spending time with her children, taking road trips to theWashington coast and mountains and watching movies.
  72. 72. Phone: 206.MADRONA | 206.623.7662 1.888.MADRONA | 888.623.7662 Fax: 206.623.7660 Email: Address: 1320 East Pike Street Seattle,WA 98122 Normal Hours: 8-5, M-F (Pacific StandardTime)